295/50r15 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

Welcome to the world of tires where numbers and letters aren’t just symbols, they are vital lifelines of information about your vehicle’s safety, performance, and fitment. Today, we dive into the thrilling depths of the tire size: 295/50r15. Yes, thrilling! Sit tight, buckle up, and let’s decode the mysteries of this alphanumeric code and explore what it looks like when expressed in inches and millimeters.

A 295/50R15 tire measures approximately 26.6 inches in diameter and about 11.6 inches wide. Suitable for a 15-inch rim, the high flotation equivalent is 26.6×11.6R15.

295 50r15 In Inches

What Does 295/50r15 Tire Mean?

Before we unpack these numbers and letters, let’s explore their definitions. Here’s a handy-dandy table to get us rolling.

Tire NumberIts Explanation
295This is the tire’s section width in millimeters, meaning the tire’s width from sidewall to sidewall.
50This is the tire’s aspect ratio. It means the height of the tire’s sidewall is 50% of the section width.
RThe ‘R’ stands for radial, indicating the tire’s construction. In a radial tire, the internal layers or plies run radially, or perpendicular, to the direction of travel.
15This is the wheel diameter in inches. This number tells you the size of the wheel the tire is designed to fit.

So, when we put this all together, a 295/50r15 tire is a radial tire with a width of 295mm, a sidewall height that is 50% of 295mm, and is designed to fit a 15-inch wheel.

What is 295/50r15 Tire in Inches?

We’ve had our fun with the metrics. Now let’s go old school with inches. Because let’s face it, in a world of inches and feet, millimeters can feel like deciphering alien hieroglyphics!

Let’s break down the measurements of the 295/50r15 tire size into inches and millimeters, one thrilling dimension at a time.

Tire Diameter26.61675.64
Section Width11.61295
Rim Diameter15381
Sidewall Height5.8147.5
Revolutions per Mile758.5Not applicable

A Deeper Dive into the 295/50r15 Tire Specifications

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the 295/50r15 tire size, let’s take a thrilling plunge into its specifications. Buckle up, because we’re about to explore the wide and wonderful world of tire width, height, sidewall height, rim diameter, and circumference!

Tire Width of 295/50r15: Unleashing the Beast

Get ready to make a bold statement on the road with the impressive tire width of 295mm! To put it into perspective, that’s wider than a sumo wrestler’s smile. This substantial width provides you with exceptional stability, enhanced cornering capabilities, and an aggressive stance that screams “I mean business!”

Tire Height of 295/50r15: Rising Above the Rest

In the realm of tire height, the 295/50r15 takes a stand with confidence. Standing tall at a height of [insert tire height in inches], it boasts a presence that demands attention. Picture this: It’s like the tire is confidently strutting down the road, turning heads and making other tires jealous of its stylish stature.

Sidewall Height of 295/50r15: The Perfect Balance

The sidewall height of the 295/50r15 strikes a harmonious balance between performance and comfort. With a sidewall height of [insert sidewall height in inches], it provides just the right amount of flexibility to absorb bumps and imperfections on the road, while still delivering razor-sharp responsiveness. It’s like having the grace of a ballet dancer and the strength of a bodybuilder rolled into one!

Rim Diameter for 295/50r15: The Perfect Fit

When it comes to the rim diameter for the 295/50r15, we’re looking at a size of 15 inches. Think of it as the tire’s favorite dance partner, perfectly matched and ready to tango on the pavement. This ideal pairing ensures optimal performance, precise handling, and a smooth ride that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

Tire Circumference of 295/50r15: One Mighty Revolution

Prepare to be blown away by the tire circumference of the 295/50r15. Clocking in at [insert circumference in inches], it covers an impressive distance with each revolution. That’s like a superhero cape unfurling in the wind as you zoom down the highway. It’s no wonder why this tire size is often favored by enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

Popular Best 295/50r15 Tires: Unleash the Power and Performance!

When it comes to selecting the best 295/50r15 tires, you’re entering a realm of automotive greatness. These tires are the road warriors that will enhance your driving experience and have you feeling like a champion on the streets. After extensive research and analysis, we present you with our top picks of the finest tires available for your 295/50r15-equipped vehicle.

1. BFGoodrich Radial T/A All-Season Car Tire – P295/50R15 105S

Description: The BFGoodrich Radial T/A is a true legend in the tire world. Combining classic aesthetics with modern performance, this tire is designed for passionate drivers who crave both style and substance. With its all-season capabilities, it delivers exceptional traction and handling on dry and wet roads, making it a reliable companion for your daily adventures.

Key Features:

  • High-performance tread compound for superior grip and cornering stability.
  • Wide shoulder blocks for precise steering response and enhanced control.
  • All-season tread design for excellent traction in various weather conditions.
  • UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) rating of 400 AB, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Impressive handling and stability.
  • Enhanced traction on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Classic styling that adds flair to your vehicle.
  • Long-lasting tread life.


  • Slightly higher road noise compared to some competitors.
  • Limited availability in certain regions.

Final Recommendation: The BFGoodrich Radial T/A is a tried-and-true performer that will elevate your driving experience. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or carving through twisty roads, this tire delivers the perfect blend of style, performance, and reliability.

2. Milestar STREETSTEEL All-Season Radial Tire – P295/50R15 105S

Description: If you’re seeking a tire that exudes classic muscle car vibes while providing modern performance, the Milestar STREETSTEEL is your ideal match. Designed to handle the demands of both the street and the strip, this tire combines a nostalgic appearance with outstanding all-season capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive tread pattern for enhanced traction and stability.
  • Solid center rib for improved steering response and straight-line stability.
  • All-season compound for reliable performance in various weather conditions.
  • UTQG rating of 440 AB, ensuring long-lasting tread life.


  • Bold and aggressive appearance.
  • Excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Enhanced steering response and stability.
  • Competitive price point.


  • Slightly firmer ride compared to some competitors.
  • Tread life may not be as long as premium options.

Final Recommendation: The Milestar STREETSTEEL is a tire that effortlessly combines classic style with modern performance. If you’re a fan of nostalgic aesthetics and want a tire that performs admirably in various conditions, this tire is a solid choice for your 295/50r15-equipped vehicle.

3. Cooper Cobra Radial G/T All-Season P295/50R15 105S Tire

Description: The Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is a tire that pays homage to the golden age of muscle cars while offering contemporary performance. Its iconic raised white lettering and aggressive tread design make a statement wherever you go. But this tire isn’t just about looks; it delivers a blend of all-season performance and reliable traction.

Key Features:

  • High-performance tread compound for excellent grip and handling.
  • Stiff sidewalls for enhanced steering response and cornering stability.
  • Wide circumferential grooves for effective water evacuation and reduced hydroplaning.
  • UTQG rating of 440 AB, ensuring long-lasting treadwear.


  • Classic muscle car appearance.
  • Solid dry and wet traction.
  • Responsive steering and cornering capabilities.
  • Competitive price point.


  • Some road noise at higher speeds.
  • Tread life may be shorter compared to premium options.

Final Recommendation: The Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is a tire that strikes the perfect balance between classic style and modern performance. If you’re seeking a tire that not only turns heads but also delivers reliable traction and handling, this tire should be high on your list.

4. Mastercraft Avenger G/T All-Season Tire – 295/50R15 105S

Description: The Mastercraft Avenger G/T is a tire that’s ready to unleash its full potential on the streets. With its aggressive appearance and versatile all-season performance, this tire offers a thrilling driving experience combined with year-round reliability. Get ready to dominate the road with confidence!

Key Features:

  • Aggressive tread pattern for enhanced traction and cornering grip.
  • Circumferential grooves for effective water evacuation and reduced hydroplaning.
  • Solid center rib for improved steering response and stability.
  • UTQG rating of 440 AB, ensuring long-lasting tread life.


  • Striking and aggressive appearance.
  • Reliable traction on various road surfaces.
  • Precise steering response and stability.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Slightly firmer ride compared to some competitors.
  • Tread life may not be as long as premium options.

Final Recommendation: The Mastercraft Avenger G/T is a tire that delivers the perfect balance of style and performance. If you’re looking for a tire that not only looks the part but also provides dependable traction and handling, this tire is a fantastic choice for your 295/50r15-equipped vehicle.

FAQ’s About 295/50r15 Tires: Unveiling the Mysteries

We understand that the world of tires can be puzzling at times. Fear not! We’re here to address your burning questions and shed light on the enigmatic realm of 295/50r15 tires. Let’s dive into the frequently asked questions and unravel the mysteries together!

Q: What vehicles use 295/50r15 Tires?

A: The 295/50r15 tire size is a popular choice among muscle car enthusiasts, classic car owners, and those who want to give their ride a beefy and aggressive look. It is commonly found on vehicles like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and other performance-oriented vehicles. So, if you want to make a bold statement on the road, the 295/50r15 tire size might be the perfect fit for your ride!

Q: How many revolutions per mile does a 295/50r15 have?

A: The number of revolutions per mile can vary slightly depending on factors such as tire brand, tread design, and vehicle weight. On average, a 295/50r15 tire will make approximately [insert average number] revolutions per mile. That’s a whole lot of spinning action happening beneath your vehicle, like a merry-go-round on steroids!

Q: What is the price of a 295/50r15 tire?

A: Ah, the price question! We know budget plays a significant role in tire shopping. The cost of a 295/50r15 tire can vary depending on the brand, tire model, and seller. On average, you can expect to find prices ranging from [insert price range] per tire. Remember, investing in high-quality tires is like giving your car a fancy pair of shoes—it’s worth every penny for the improved performance, safety, and longevity they provide.

Q: What kind of rim does a 295/50r15 tire fit on?

A: The 295/50r15 tire size is designed to fit on a 15-inch diameter rim. Specifically, you’ll want to look for rims with a 15-inch diameter and a suitable width to accommodate the tire’s recommended section width. This combination ensures a proper fit, optimal performance, and a sleek appearance. So, when it’s time to find the perfect rim for your 295/50r15 tires, remember the magic number is 15!

Q: How much air should be in a 295/50r15 tire?

A: Ah, the tire’s breath of life—air pressure! It’s crucial to maintain the correct tire pressure for optimal performance, safety, and tire longevity. The recommended tire pressure for a 295/50r15 tire is typically indicated by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found in the owner’s manual or on a sticker located on the driver’s side door jamb. On average, you can expect a recommended tire pressure range of [insert pressure range] PSI. So, give your tires a little love and make sure they’re properly inflated!

Q: What is a 295/50r15 equivalent to?

A: If you’re seeking an alternative size that closely matches the dimensions of a 295/50r15 tire, you might consider looking at other tire sizes within the same range. One possible equivalent size could be [insert equivalent size]. However, it’s essential to consult with a tire professional or refer to a tire size conversion chart to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and maintain proper speedometer accuracy.

Comparison with Similar Tires: Unleashing the Battle of the Rubber Giants

When it comes to tire comparisons, it’s like pitting gladiators against each other—each one vying for supremacy on the road. Today, we bring you the ultimate showdown between the formidable 295/50r15 tire and its contenders. Get ready for a clash of dimensions, tread patterns, and performance characteristics as we compare the 295/50r15 against some worthy adversaries!

295/50r15 vs 275/60r15: A Clash of Width and Height

In the left corner, we have the 295/50r15, showcasing its impressive width and aggressive stance. But wait! In the right corner, we have the 275/60r15, boasting its taller sidewalls and beefy proportions. While the 295/50r15 provides enhanced cornering and stability, the 275/60r15 offers a smoother ride and better off-road capabilities. The choice between the two depends on your priorities—do you crave road-hugging performance or all-terrain prowess?

295/50r15 vs 295/60r15: Battle of the Widths

It’s a clash of titans as the 295/50r15 goes head-to-head with the 295/60r15. Both tires flaunt their impressive width, but they have subtle differences. The 295/50r15 offers a lower profile and a wider footprint, perfect for spirited driving and sharp handling. On the other hand, the 295/60r15 boasts a taller sidewall, providing a more comfortable ride and increased ground clearance. It all comes down to your preference—do you prioritize sporty performance or a cushy cruising experience?

295/50r15 vs 295/55r15: Showdown of Similarities

In this duel, we have the 295/50r15 and the 295/55r15—siblings with a lot in common. With only a slight variance in sidewall height, these tires share similar characteristics. The 295/50r15 offers a slightly lower profile for improved handling and a sportier look. Meanwhile, the 295/55r15 provides a tad more sidewall flexibility, offering a touch of extra comfort. It’s a close match, and the choice depends on your desire for a hair-raising performance or a balance of performance and ride comfort.

295/50r15 vs 235/75r15: David vs Goliath

It’s an unconventional pairing as the 295/50r15 faces off against the 235/75r15. The 295/50r15 boasts a wide stance and impressive grip, perfect for muscle cars and performance-oriented vehicles. On the other side, the 235/75r15 showcases a taller sidewall and a more versatile nature, suited for trucks and SUVs. If you’re seeking raw power and cornering prowess, the 295/50r15 takes the crown. But if you require all-terrain capabilities and a more rugged demeanor, the 235/75r15 stands tall.

295/50r15 vs 265/50r15: The Battle of the Fifties

Two fierce competitors step into the ring—the 295/50r15 and the 265/50r15. With their identical section width and different profiles, these tires offer distinct characteristics. The 295/50r15 provides a wider footprint for improved grip and stability, while the 265/50r15 delivers a slightly taller sidewall for a smoother ride and increased load-carrying capacity. It’s a showdown between performance and comfort, where you decide which factor takes the throne.

295/50r15 vs 275/50r15: Width Meets Width

In this clash of the wide-bodied warriors, the 295/50r15 squares off against the 275/50r15. These tires share a similar width but have differences in profile and performance. The 295/50r15 offers a lower profile and a wider contact patch for enhanced handling and aggressive looks. Meanwhile, the 275/50r15 provides a slightly taller sidewall, ensuring a smoother ride and improved load-carrying capabilities. The choice lies in your priorities—will you embrace the wider footprint or opt for a touch of added comfort?

295/50r15 vs 255/60r15: Dimensions Collide

Let’s witness the battle between the 295/50r15 and the 255/60r15—where dimensions collide and characteristics diverge. The 295/50r15 shines with its wider stance and enhanced grip for exhilarating performance. Meanwhile, the 255/60r15 exhibits a taller sidewall and a more compliant ride for increased comfort. It’s a matter of preference—do you crave the thrill of sporty handling or prioritize a smoother and cushier driving experience?

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, the 295/50r15 tire size offers a thrilling combination of performance, style, and versatility. With its wide footprint, it provides enhanced grip and stability, perfect for spirited driving. The lower profile adds an aggressive look to your vehicle, making a bold statement on the road.

After careful research and analysis, our top recommendations for the best 295/50r15 tires are:

  • BFGoodrich Radial T/A All-Season Car Tire – A reliable tire with excellent traction and long-lasting performance.
  • Milestar STREETSTEEL All-Season Radial Tire – Combining classic aesthetics with all-season capabilities for a stylish and versatile choice.
  • Cooper Cobra Radial G/T All-Season P295/50R15 Tire – A tire that pays homage to muscle car heritage while delivering solid performance.

Each of these tires offers a unique blend of performance, durability, and style, ensuring a thrilling driving experience. Consider your specific needs and priorities, such as performance, comfort, and budget, when making your final decision.

Remember, selecting the right tire is essential for your safety and the overall performance of your vehicle. So, go forth with confidence, armed with the knowledge gained from this article, and make the tire choice that will unleash the full potential of your ride. Happy driving!