295/60r18 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

The 295/60R18 tire has an overall diameter of approximately 32.9 inches, a section width of roughly 11.6 inches, and is designed to be mounted on an 18-inch diameter rim. The equivalent tire size in the high flotation system is 32.9×11.6R18.

295 60r18 In Inches

What does 295/60r18 Tire mean?

For those who find tire numbers as mystifying as a Shakespearean sonnet, don’t worry. We’ll break it down for you in a simple table:

Tire NumberIts Explanation
295This is the tire’s width in millimeters. This indicates the tire’s section width, or the distance from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. In this case, the tire is 295mm wide.
60This is the aspect ratio of the tire, represented as a percentage. It’s the height of the tire’s sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width. So, 60% of 295mm is the tire’s height.
RThe “R” stands for Radial, which indicates the tire’s construction. Radial tires have layers of fabric with cords running perpendicular to the tire’s tread.
18This is the wheel diameter, which is the size of the wheel from one end to the other, measured in inches. This tire fits on an 18-inch diameter wheel.

What is 295/60r18 Tire in inches?

Now, let’s see the 295/60r18 tire size translated into inches. As we all know, tires and tape measures don’t exactly speak the same language. That’s where the tire conversion table comes in handy. So, let’s see how the tire measurements line up:

Tire Diameter32.94″836.68mm
Section Width11.61″295mm
Rim Diameter18″457.2mm
Sidewall Height6.97″177mm
Revolutions per Mile613

A Deeper Dive into the 295/60r18 Tire Specifications

Alright, gearheads, rubbernecks, and tire-kickers alike, it’s time to sink our teeth into the nitty-gritty details of the 295/60r18 tire specifications. Like an archaeologist brushing off the dust to reveal the fascinating details of a long-lost civilization, we’re about to delve deep into this unique world of rubber, metal, and air!

Tire Width of 295/60r18

Ever noticed how race cars and off-road beasts seem to have really wide tires? No, it’s not to make them look cool, though it certainly does that. Tire width has a significant impact on your car’s grip and handling. The wider the tire, the greater the contact patch, or the area of the tire that contacts the road.

In our case, the 295/60r18 tire has a width of 295mm or about 11.61 inches. This is on the wider side of things, which means it’s designed to grip the road like an eagle clutching a salmon in its talons.

Tire Height of 295/60r18

The tire height, also known as the tire’s outer diameter, is the distance from the bottom to the top of the tire. The 295/60r18 tire boasts a height of around 32.94 inches, or 836.68mm. That’s nearly three feet tall! This ensures a smoother ride over bumps and other road imperfections. Think of it as the comfy suspension bridge in the world of tires.

Sidewall Height of 295/60r18

The sidewall height of a tire plays a key role in cushioning the ride and protecting the rim from impacts. A taller sidewall equals more cushion, but less precise handling, much like choosing between a pogo stick and a trampoline. The 295/60r18 has a sidewall height of about 6.97 inches or 177mm, balancing that ride comfort with solid performance.

Rim Diameter for 295/60r18

The 295/60r18 tire, as you’ve probably guessed, is made for an 18-inch rim. That’s the same size as a large pizza! But, remember, a tire isn’t something you want delivered hot and ready. Precision and fit are key, as the right rim diameter ensures your tire hugs it just right, like a well-fitted glove.

Tire Circumference of 295/60r18

Last but not least, let’s talk about tire circumference. Why, you ask? Well, it plays a big part in speedometer accuracy, gear ratio selection, and even fuel efficiency. For the 295/60r18 tire, the circumference is about 103.5 inches, or 2628.9mm. That means in just one revolution of the tire, you’ve covered almost three yards. That’s roughly the length of a full-grown alligator!

FAQ’s About 295/60r18 Tire

We’ve taken the plunge into the world of 295/60r18 tires. Now it’s time to untangle the spaghetti of frequently asked questions that often trip up tire buyers. Grab your pens, pencils, or tablets, folks, because this is going to be enlightening!

What vehicles use 295/60r18 Tire?

The 295/60r18 tires are predominantly used on light trucks, SUVs, and some larger sedans. They’re a popular choice for vehicles like the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram 1500, and the Toyota Tundra. These tires provide a balance between ride comfort and handling performance. They’re the Swiss Army knife of the tire world, as versatile as a cat on the internet.

How many revolutions per mile does a 295/60r18 have?

For a 295/60r18 tire, it makes around 613 revolutions per mile. That’s a whole lot of spinning! To put that in perspective, that’s like doing a spin on your office chair 613 times in a mile. Talk about getting dizzy!

Price of 295/60r18 inches Tire?

The price for a 295/60r18 tire can vary depending on the brand, tire type (summer, all-season, winter, off-road, etc.), and where you purchase it. On average, these tires can range anywhere from $150 to over $300 per tire. Remember, though, quality rubber is like a fine wine. It’s often worth the investment. Plus, who wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a bad tire? Not me!

What kind of rim does a 295/60r18 tire fit on?

As you can probably guess from the “18” in 295/60r18, these tires fit on an 18-inch diameter rim. Be careful, though! Rim width also matters. Typically, for this tire size, you would need a rim width of about 8.5 to 10 inches. Remember, getting the right fit for your tire is like finding the right dancing partner; it’s all about the perfect match.

How much air should be in 295/60r18?

The optimal tire pressure for a 295/60r18 tire usually ranges from 32 to 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). However, always refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or the tire placard in the vehicle for the recommended tire pressure. It’s like the cooking instructions on your favorite instant ramen. Ignore it, and you’re in for a soggy (or crunchy) surprise.

What is a 295/60r18 equivalent to?

In terms of inch measurements, the 295/60R18 tire size is equivalent to a tire with a section width of 11.6 inches, sidewall height of about 7 inches, and a diameter of roughly 33 inches. For other tire sizes with similar overall diameters, you could look at sizes like 305/55R18 or 285/65R18. However, remember that different sizes could affect your vehicle’s performance, so always check with a tire professional before swapping sizes.

Comparison with Similar Tires


This tire, often seen strutting its stuff on SUVs and trucks, has a width of 305mm, roughly 0.4 inches more than our 295/60R18. This means a slightly larger contact patch, which could lead to better traction. However, its sidewall height, being 55% of the width, is less, leading to a somewhat stiffer ride. Think of it as choosing between a firm and soft mattress – it’s all about your comfort preference.


Slightly narrower, with a width of 285mm, these tires are like the lean athletes of the tire world. With their aspect ratio of 65, they offer a taller sidewall, translating into more cushioning. So if your driving involves more off-road adventures or bumpy roads, this might be your tire of choice. Picture it like choosing hiking boots over running shoes. It’s all about the terrain.


A step narrower again, these tires have a width of 275mm, but with a 70% aspect ratio, they offer even more sidewall height. These tires are for those who want the comfort of a plush ride, without too much concern about high-speed cornering or aggressive handling. It’s like choosing a comfortable armchair over a sporty office chair.


After diving deep into the world of the 295/60r18 tire and its close cousins, it’s time to roll everything together. The 295/60r18 is a versatile tire that offers a balance of performance, comfort, and handling. It’s well-suited to light trucks, SUVs, and some larger sedans.

Given its combination of width for traction, a balanced sidewall height for comfort, and a fitting rim diameter, it provides an overall great performance. So, if your vehicle specifications and driving conditions align, the 295/60r18 tire is a robust, reliable choice. Remember, it’s not just a tire, it’s your vehicle’s contact point with the road, the shoes for your car, if you will. And nobody wants uncomfortable shoes, right?

Drive safely, everyone, and may your journey be as smooth as a new set of 295/60r18 tires!