270/70r17 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

The 270/70R17 tire dimension doesn’t align with the typical aspect ratio used in tire sizing (which usually ends in a 5 or 0). If you meant 275/70R17, this tire has an overall diameter of approximately 32.2 inches, a section width of roughly 10.8 inches, and is designed to be mounted on a 17-inch diameter rim. The equivalent tire size in the high flotation system is 32.2×10.8R17.

270 70r17 in inches

What does 270/70r17 Tire mean?

Tire nomenclature might seem like a foreign language, but trust me, it’s not as complex as deciphering hieroglyphics or the ending of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the mysterious 270/70r17 in a tabular format:

Tire NumberIts Explanation
270The first number (270) is the tire’s width in millimeters (mm). It represents the width of the tire from one sidewall to the other.
70The second number (70) is the aspect ratio. It’s the ratio of the tire’s height to its width, expressed as a percentage. In this case, the height of the tire is 70% of its width.
RThe ‘R’ stands for Radial, which is the construction type of the tire. Radial tires have layers of fabric with cords running perpendicular to the tread of the tire.
17The last number (17) is the rim diameter in inches. This tells you the size of the wheel that the tire is intended to fit.

Don’t worry if you’re still a bit confused – it’s like learning a new language! But don’t throw in the towel just yet, because it will start to make sense soon.

What is 270/70r17 Tire in inches?

Alright, now that we’ve decoded the numbers, let’s dive deeper into the rabbit hole, shall we? Just like Alice, we’ve got a potion that can change the size of things, but ours works on tires and uses math instead of magic.

To make sense of the metric measurements for those of us more comfortable with inches (looking at you, USA!), we need to convert the metric measurements. Hold onto your top hats, here we go:

270/70r17 in inches and millimeters

Tire Diameter31.43″798.22mm
Section Width10.63″270mm
Rim Diameter17″431.8mm
Sidewall Height7.44″189mm
Revolutions Per Mile640N/A

If you’re wondering how we got to these numbers, don’t worry – it’s not magic, nor do you need to follow a white rabbit. It’s simply mathematics. For instance, to calculate the tire diameter, you take the section width (270mm) times the aspect ratio (70%), add the rim diameter (twice, once for each side of the tire), and voila! You have the overall tire diameter.

So, there you have it! Next time you’re asked about tire sizes at a party (and I know this happens to you as often as it does to me), you’ll be well equipped to handle it. Remember, knowledge is power. The power to choose the right tires, the power to make better decisions, and the power to, you know, show off a little bit at parties.

Stay tuned for more tire wisdom coming your way soon!

Tire Width of 270/70r17

The 270/70r17 tire width is the first number of the code – that 270 right there. In metric measurements, which is the language our tire is speaking, that’s 270 millimeters. However, if we convert that to inches (cause we’re friendly like that), it’s approximately 10.63 inches. This means the tire stretches about 10.63 inches from one side of the tread to the other, which is roughly the length of a bowling pin. You might want to reconsider using it as a spare bowling pin, though.

Tire Height of 270/70r17

Now, the height of the tire isn’t directly stated in the tire size code. However, it is hiding in plain sight! It’s a simple calculation involving the width and the aspect ratio. The tire height, also known as the diameter, is the width of the tire plus two times the sidewall height (since tires have two sides – it’s not rocket science). Therefore, the height or diameter of our 270/70r17 tire is approximately 31.43 inches (or 798.22 millimeters). This is about the height of a typical bar stool. It makes you appreciate how tall these tires are, doesn’t it?

Sidewall Height of 270/70r17

Next up, we have the sidewall height, which can be calculated using the width and aspect ratio (the second number in the tire code). The sidewall height of a 270/70r17 tire is approximately 7.44 inches (or 189mm) which is a smidge shorter than the height of a standard piece of notebook paper.

Rim Diameter for 270/70r17

The rim diameter is the easiest number to find because it’s literally given to us in the tire code. In the case of the 270/70r17 tire, the rim diameter is 17 inches (or 431.8 millimeters), roughly the size of a large pizza. Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting you use your rim as a pizza stone. It would certainly be a conversation starter, but I’m afraid your pizza might taste a bit like brake dust.

Tire Circumference of 270/70r17

And now, we’ve arrived at the tire’s circumference – the last stop on our tire adventure! The circumference of our 270/70r17 tire is around 98.74 inches (or 2506.7 millimeters), which is a bit longer than Yao Ming, one of the tallest NBA players in history, is tall.

So there you have it! We’ve successfully navigated the mystical land of 270/70r17 tires, discussing everything from width and height to sidewall height, rim diameter, and circumference. All this tire talk might make you feel a little ‘tyred’, but remember, knowledge is power – and now, you’ve got it in spades!

But stick around, there’s always more to learn in this endlessly fascinating world of tires. As they say, where the rubber meets the road, that’s where the real adventure begins!

Best 270/70r17 Tires [Top 3 picks]

1. Michelin LTX M/S2

The Michelin LTX M/S2 is the Robert Downey Jr. of tires. It’s versatile, reliable, and packs a punch in performance. This all-season tire combines the outstanding fuel efficiency Michelin is known for with an improved tread life, making it an all-around crowd-pleaser. Plus, it’s excellent on both dry and wet surfaces and even boasts some light snow traction.


  • Exceptional tread life
  • Great wet and dry traction
  • Quiet and comfortable ride


  • Not the best in heavy snow conditions
  • Pricier than some other options

Final Recommendation:

If you’re looking for a dependable, high-performing tire that’s as smooth and reliable as Morgan Freeman’s voice, the Michelin LTX M/S2 is your best bet. It might require a bit more of an investment upfront, but considering its exceptional tread life and performance, it’s definitely worth it.

2. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure

The Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure is the Bear Grylls of tires. It’s rugged, tough, and always ready for an adventure. It’s equipped with Goodyear’s Durawall Technology, which provides resistance to cuts and punctures. This tire performs well in all conditions – whether you’re navigating your way through a muddy trail or cruising down a smooth highway.


  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • Solid performance in all weather conditions
  • Resistant to cuts and punctures


  • Tread life could be better
  • Can be a bit noisy at high speeds

Final Recommendation:

If your driving habits often take you off the beaten path, the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure tire is your perfect companion. It’s tough, reliable, and ready for any adventure – just like a good pair of hiking boots.

3. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is like the Meryl Streep of tires. It’s refined, delivers a stellar performance, and is well-loved by many. This tire provides a perfect blend of long wear, comfortable ride, and a year-round traction, even in light snow. It’s engineered to deliver a quiet and smooth ride while providing a great fuel efficiency.


  • Impressive tread life
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Good year-round traction


  • Traction could be better in heavy snow and ice
  • Slightly less efficient in off-road conditions

Final Recommendation:

If comfort and longevity are your top priorities, the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is a great choice. It’s like the comfort of your favorite armchair, but with a whole lot more tread life.

There you have it! The top 3 picks for the best 270/70r17 tires! Just remember, the best tire for you will depend on your specific needs, vehicle type, and driving conditions.

FAQ’s About 270/70r17 Tire

And now, we’re in the home stretch. It’s time for the often anticipated, frequently appreciated, and usually enlightening section – the FAQs. So sit back, relax, and let’s chat about some of the most commonly asked questions related to our star of the show, the 270/70r17 tire.

What vehicles use 270/70r17 Tire?

The 270/70r17 tire isn’t the most common size, but it’s like that limited edition comic book – hard to find but oh-so-special. It can be found on some models of large SUVs and light trucks. Always check with your vehicle’s manufacturer or consult your owner’s manual to confirm the correct tire size. It’s like matching the right wine with cheese – the pairing matters!

How many revolutions per mile does a 270/70r17 have?

For those wondering how many times a 270/70r17 tire can go ’round and ’round in a mile, the answer is approximately 640 revolutions per mile. This is like the tire’s version of doing laps in a pool, except without the need for swim caps or goggles!

Price of 270/70r17 inches Tire?

The price of 270/70r17 tires can vary based on the brand and type of tire. Think of it like shopping for shoes – prices can range dramatically from a basic running shoe to a designer stiletto. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300 per tire. Remember, a good tire is an investment in your vehicle’s performance, safety, and your peace of mind.

What kind of rim does a 270/70r17 tire fit on?

As the “17” in 270/70r17 suggests, this tire fits on a 17-inch rim. Just like you wouldn’t try to squeeze your foot into a shoe that’s two sizes too small, it’s crucial to match your tire to the correct rim size. A mismatch could lead to performance issues, potential safety risks, and one unhappy car!

How much air should be in a 270/70r17 tire?

The correct tire pressure can vary based on your vehicle’s specifications, but generally, for a 270/70r17 tire, it’s typically around 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). Think of this as the tire’s comfort zone, where it performs best. Your vehicle’s manual is like the tire’s personal diary – it’ll tell you exactly what the tire likes.

What is a 270/70r17 equivalent to?

If we’re talking in terms of other tire sizes, a 270/70r17 tire is equivalent to a few different sizes, including 31×10.50R17 and 265/75R17, among others. This can be handy to know if you’re shopping around or considering different tire options. It’s like knowing your shirt size in both US and European measurements when you’re on a shopping spree!

Comparison with Similar Tires

Let’s be honest. When it comes to tires, we all want the same things: safety, performance, and longevity. And of course, we want the tire that is the Brad Pitt to our car’s Angelina Jolie – a perfect match. So, how does our 270/70r17 stand up against the competition?

First, let’s consider a similar tire size, the 265/70r17. The main difference here is the width. The 265/70r17 is a smidge narrower, which can mean a slightly less comfortable ride. The 270/70r17 is like flying first class, while the 265/70r17 is more economy plus.

In contrast, the 275/70r17 tire is slightly wider, offering potentially better stability and grip, especially in dry conditions. But, it’s also like dining at a fancy restaurant – you might pay a bit more for the enhanced experience.

And lastly, let’s compare the 270/70r17 to the 285/70r17. The 285/70r17 is wider still, which could mean better performance in some off-road or snowy conditions. But the downside? It’s likely to be a bit thirstier, consuming more fuel. So it’s like bringing a friend along who insists on ordering the most expensive items on the menu.

In the end, the 270/70r17 tire offers a solid balance between performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. It’s kind of like the Goldilocks of tires – it’s just right.


And there we have it. We’ve journeyed together through the exciting world of 270/70r17 tires. We’ve discussed tire measurements, deciphered tire codes, compared similar sizes, and even recommended the best 270/70r17 tires out there.

So what have we learned? First, that tire sizes aren’t just a random combination of numbers and letters, but a language that, once learned, can help you make better decisions for your vehicle.

Second, that while the world of tires can seem complex and overwhelming, with the right knowledge and a little humor, it’s as easy as pie (and just as satisfying!).

And lastly, we’ve realized that the 270/70r17 tire is a fantastic choice, offering great performance, comfort, and longevity. It’s the reliable friend, the steadfast companion on your vehicle’s many adventures, the tire equivalent of a perfect cup of coffee – comforting, reliable, and gets the job done.

Remember, knowledge is power, and with the newfound wisdom you’ve gained today, you’re more than ready to conquer any tire-related challenges that come your way. So keep on rolling, and stay curious! Because in the world of tires, there’s always more to learn.