295/65r18 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

The 295/65R18 tire has an overall diameter of approximately 33.1 inches, a section width of roughly 11.6 inches, and is designed to be mounted on an 18-inch diameter rim. The equivalent tire size in the high flotation system is 33.1×11.6R18.

295 65r18 In Inches

What does 295/65r18 Tire mean?

Let’s kick things off by decoding this cryptic tire language! The term 295/65r18 might seem like some high-level mathematical riddle or secret government code, but it’s simply tire lingo. Here’s what it all means in a clear, two-column table for all my visual learners out there.

Tire numberIts Explanation
295This is the tire’s width in millimeters. It measures the distance from one sidewall to the other, indicating how wide the tire is.
65This is the aspect ratio of the tire, represented as a percentage. It’s the ratio of the tire’s height to its width. Here, the height is 65% of the tire’s width.
RThe ‘R’ stands for radial construction. This indicates the way the tire’s internal layers (or “plies”) are arranged. In radial tires, they’re aligned radially from the center, like the spokes of a wheel.
18This represents the wheel diameter in inches. It’s the size of the wheel that the tire is designed to fit. If you’ve got 18-inch wheels, you’re in business.

What is 295/65r18 Tire in inches?

Now, you might be wondering, “But, I live in a country that uses the Imperial system. What’s all this millimeter stuff?” Well, worry not. Let’s convert this European party to an all-American event.

295/65r18 in inches and millimeters

You asked for a table, and I’m here to deliver. Here’s everything you need to know about the 295/65r18 tire in inches and millimeters.

Tire Diameter33.1 inches840 mm
Section Width11.6 inches295 mm
Rim Height18 inches457.2 mm
Sidewall Height7.55 inches192 mm
Circumference103.9 inches2639 mm
Revolutions per Mile610 revs/mile379 revs/km

These figures should give you a solid understanding of the dimensions of a 295/65r18 tire. The tire diameter, or the total height of the tire, is a sizable 33.1 inches. The section width, or the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall, comes in at 11.6 inches. The rim height, which is the size of the wheel that the tire fits onto, is 18 inches.

The sidewall height, or the height of the tire from the rim to the tread, stands tall at 7.55 inches. The circumference of the tire, which is the distance around the outside, is a whopping 103.9 inches. Lastly, this tire will rotate approximately 610 times for every mile you travel. That’s a workout!

A Deeper Dive into the 295/65r18 Tire Specifications

For those of you who didn’t fall asleep in your high school math classes, or those of you who are just tire aficionados (we exist, alright?), let’s delve a bit deeper into the rabbit hole of 295/65r18 tire specifications. These next few sections are going to feel a bit like a Netflix true-crime documentary – we’re about to uncover all the gritty details.

Tire Width of 295/65r18

Let’s revisit our dear friend, the tire width, also known as the section width. Remember, the “295” in our tire code stands for the width in millimeters. This means the 295/65r18 tire is 295mm wide, or for our non-metric friends, a solid 11.6 inches. This is the tire version of a sandwich from that deli you love – thick and hefty, ready to grip the road beneath you. It’s not messing around!

Tire Height of 295/65r18

Now, let’s talk about the tire height, which is technically called the tire diameter. The overall diameter of a 295/65r18 tire is around 33.1 inches. That’s almost the height of three feet-long subs stacked on top of each other! Now, imagine that on your vehicle. That’s not just a tire; that’s a statement.

Sidewall Height of 295/65r18

Next up, the tire’s aspect ratio. This is the “65” in our tire code, representing the tire’s sidewall height as a percentage of the tire’s width. In this case, the sidewall height is 65% of the 295mm width, giving us about 7.55 inches. That’s approximately the length of an average bowling pin. No gutter balls here!

Rim Diameter for 295/65r18

“18” in our tire code represents the diameter of the wheel or rim, in inches, that our tire is designed to fit. That means the 295/65r18 is perfect for an 18-inch wheel. Think of it like the Cinderella of tires. This one’s looking for its 18-inch prince charming.

Tire Circumference of 295/65r18

Finally, we come to the tire’s circumference, which is approximately 103.9 inches for our 295/65r18. That’s almost the same length as a standard kayak. Your tire could almost take on the white-water rapids!

FAQ’s About 295/65r18 Tire

Welcome back, tire enthusiasts, and hello to everyone else who has just been patiently waiting for the meat and potatoes of this article – the frequently asked questions. I am ready to spill the beans on all things 295/65r18 tire. Fasten your seat belts!

What Vehicles Use 295/65r18 Tire?

The 295/65r18 tire is a popular choice for light trucks and SUVs, known for their formidable size. This tire size is often seen gracing the wheel wells of vehicles like the Ford F-150, Dodge Ram 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado 1500. If your vehicle is in this category and has some nice 18-inch wheels, you might just be in luck.

How Many Revolutions per Mile Does a 295/65r18 Have?

If the tire had legs, it would be an ultra-marathon runner. A 295/65r18 tire spins approximately 610 times per mile. That’s a lot of revolutions! The tire is not only fit but also has the endurance of a long-distance runner. Give it a round of applause!

Price of 295/65r18 Inches Tire?

Ah, the million-dollar question (or rather, the hundred-dollar question). The price of a 295/65r18 tire can vary based on brand, tread pattern, and tire performance characteristics. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 per tire. Keep in mind that it’s always important to balance cost with quality. Remember, these tires are the only thing between your beloved ride and the road.

What Kind of Rim Does a 295/65r18 Tire Fit On?

The 295/65r18 tire is a diva, and it has a very specific type. It fits onto 18-inch rims. It’s like a perfectly tailored suit, designed to fit just right. This tire doesn’t do one-size-fits-all. If you’ve got an 18-inch wheel, you’re heading for a match made in tire heaven.

How Much Air Should Be in 295/65r18?

Typically, the recommended tire pressure for a 295/65r18 tire is between 32 to 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). Always check the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations as these can vary based on vehicle weight and performance characteristics. Remember, proper inflation is key to tire health and performance. Under or overinflation can lead to premature wear, poor handling, and decreased fuel efficiency.

What is a 295/65r18 Equivalent To?

The 295/65r18 tire is equivalent to several other sizes, including 33×11.50R18, based on overall diameter and width. Remember, though, equivalent doesn’t mean identical. Always ensure the alternative tire size is suitable and recommended for your vehicle and wheel size.

Comparison with Similar Tires

Alright folks, we’re back with a vengeance and we’re going head-to-head with some other tires. It’s the 295/65r18 vs. the world! Grab your popcorn because we’re about to dive into some tire drama.

295/65r18 vs 33 12.5 r18

First up, we have the 295/65r18 versus the 33×12.50R18. This is a clash of the titans, my friends. The 33×12.50R18, like its numerical name suggests, has an overall diameter of about 33 inches, just like our 295/65r18. However, the section width is roughly 12.5 inches, making it a bit wider than our protagonist, the 295/65r18, with its 11.6 inch width. If you’re after a wider footprint, the 33×12.50R18 might just be your pick, but remember that wider doesn’t always mean better. Always consider your vehicle’s specifications and your driving needs.

295/65r18 vs 295/70r18

Next, we have the 295/70r18. Here, the width is the same as the 295/65r18 (295mm). The difference is in the aspect ratio. The 295/70r18 has an aspect ratio of 70%, making it taller with a higher sidewall height compared to the 65% aspect ratio of the 295/65r18. If you’re looking for a tire that might offer a bit more cushioning due to its taller sidewall, the 295/70r18 could be a good contender.

295/65r18 vs 275/70r18

On to the 275/70r18! This tire has a slightly narrower width (275mm compared to 295mm) and a slightly taller aspect ratio (70% compared to 65%). This tire might be the choice for those wanting a slightly narrower tire with a taller sidewall. Just remember, no matter how much your tires promise, it’s how they perform that matters.

295/65r18 vs 285/70r18

Last but certainly not least, we have the 285/70r18. This tire is a bit of a slim Jim, with a width of 285mm, which is narrower than the 295mm of our 295/65r18. It also has a taller aspect ratio of 70%. If your driving conditions lean more towards uneven terrains and you need a tire with a slightly higher sidewall for additional cushioning, the 285/70r18 could be the one to beat.

295/65r18 vs 285/65r18

These two sizes are very close, but there are a few key differences. The 295/65r18 is slightly wider with its 295mm width compared to the 285mm width of the 285/65r18. Both tires have the same aspect ratio of 65%, which means the sidewall height is proportional to the width. The choice here boils down to whether you prefer a slightly wider footprint on the road or not.

295/65r18 vs 275/65r18

In this case, the 295/65r18 is both wider and has a larger overall diameter than the 275/65r18. If you’re after a slightly larger tire that can potentially offer more grip and stability, the 295/65r18 could be the better choice. However, keep in mind that a wider tire may affect fuel economy and performance.

295/65r18 vs 35×12.50r18

This match-up is a bit of a heavyweight bout. The 35×12.50R18, with a diameter of 35 inches and a width of 12.5 inches, is both wider and taller than the 295/65r18. If you’re looking for a bigger tire with a larger contact patch, the 35×12.50R18 might be your pick. However, remember to consider vehicle clearance and whether the larger size is suitable for your vehicle and driving conditions.

295/65r18 vs 285/75r18

Comparing the 295/65r18 to the 285/75r18 is like comparing apples to slightly different apples. The 285/75r18 is narrower but has a larger overall diameter due to its higher aspect ratio (75% compared to 65%). If you need a tire with a higher sidewall for rough terrains, the 285/75r18 might be your best bet.

295/70r18 vs 285/75r18

This comparison is between two tall contenders. Both tires have a larger overall diameter than the 295/65r18, with the 285/75r18 being slightly taller due to its larger aspect ratio. However, the 295/70r18 is wider, offering a larger contact patch. The choice here will depend on your driving needs and the specifications of your vehicle.

295/70r18 vs 35×12.50r18

In this match-up, the 35×12.50R18 is both wider and taller than the 295/70r18. If you’re after a larger tire for off-road adventures or just to make a statement, the 35×12.50R18 could be the one. However, as always, consider your vehicle’s specifications and how you use your vehicle daily.


It’s been a wild ride through the world of tires, hasn’t it? We’ve dissected tire codes, busted through tire specifications, and even witnessed a couple of face-offs.

In the end, the 295/65r18 tire holds its own as a versatile, robust choice for many light trucks and SUVs. It offers a great balance of width and sidewall height, providing solid stability and traction while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Remember, choosing a tire isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. It’s essential to consider your vehicle, your driving style, and your typical driving conditions. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes – comfort, performance, and style all play a part.

Stay safe on the roads, tire warriors! Happy tire hunting, and remember – keep the rubber side down!