82H Vs 82T: A Depth Comparison of Tires

Since all the companies upgrade their technology, buying a tire as an outfit for your car may cause you to worry, 82H vs 82T, which one is more preferable? Because no matter how perfect your vehicle is, the right tires are the ones to gear up your car’s speed.

So, now, you may be pondering, 82H or 82T, which is the best one? The key to getting out of the puzzle is the 82H tire. Though a number of companies bring into existence both 82H and 82T tires with absolute high speed limits. Yet there is a bit of distinctness in the speed ratings.

So, scroll down more to learn a complete idea to figure out 82H vs 82T.

What is 82T in Tires?

The 82T tire indicates the speed limit meaning the tire can easily race up to 190 km/h. In fact, the tire is absolutely able to carry a weight of 475 kg even at full speed. Ford Figo Aspire, Honda Amaze, Tata Zest, and so on are some of the cars the 82T tires are good to go.

What is 82H in Tires?

The alphabet indicates tire 82H meaning the upper limit of the speed rating and load. An 82T tire is absolutely manufactured to run up to 130 mph. Moreover, an 82T can carry a weight of 1047 lbs without any issue. Cars such as Brio/ Ford Figo Aspire, Classic/ Tata Bolt, Vista/ Toyota Etios Liva, Tata Tiago XT/ XZ, Hyundai Getz Prime, Honda Amaze, Indigo eCS, and so on are easily compatible with 82H tires.

List of Speed Ratings on Tire

As you take a look at your tires, you may wonder what is the work of those alphabets in tires. Let’s bring you out of the baffle. The alphabet you noticed actually works as an indicator of speed rating. You already probably know about the contrast of manufactured processes. Thus different alphabets show the variation of speed ratings in different tires.

You may widely notice 82H and 82T in most of the tires. So, while having a dilemma between 82H vs 82T, you may be surprised to know these are only two among 31 variations. Thus the article is ready to give you an absolute outline of speed ratings with a brief background of their determination.

Speed Ratingsmphkm/hApplication
A13 mph5 km/h
A26 mph10 km/h
A39 mph14 km/h
A412 mph19 km/h
A516 mph26 km/h
A619 mph31 km/h
A722 mph35 km/h
A825 mph35 km/h
B31 mph50 km/h
C37 mph60 km/h
D40 mph64 km/h
E43 mph69 km/h
F50 mph80 km/h
G56 mph90 km/h
J62 mph100 km/h
K68 mph109 km/h
L75 mph120 km/hLight Truck and Off-Road Tires
M81 mph130 km/hTemporary Spare Tires
N87 mph140 km/h
P93 mph150 km/h
Q99 mph160 km/hStudded and Studless Winter Tires
R106 mph170 km/hHeavy Duty Light Truck Tires
S112 mph180 km/hVans and Family Sedans
T118 mph190 km/hVans and Family Sedans
U124 mph200 km/hCoupes and Sedans
130 mph210 km/hCoupes and Sports Sedans 
V149 mph240 km/hSports Cars, Coupes, and Sports Sedans
ZR/Z149 mph (Plus)240 km/h (Plus)
W168 mph270 km/hExotic Sports Cars
Y186 mph300 km/hExotic Sports Cars
(Y)186 mph (Plus)300km/h (Plus)Exotic Sports Cars

Difference Between 82T and 82H Tire

Though all the tires almost work alike. Yet there are a few variations such as 82H vs 82T tire size, application, speed limit, and so on. So, here is the contrast between 82H and 82T given to have a crystal way out.

Speed LimitUp to 130 mphUp to 118 mph
Max. LoadNearly 474 kg (1047 lbs)Nearly 475 kg (1047.2 lbs)
Rating of TractionAA
Tire Size Speed Rating (H)Speed Rating (T)
Speed Rating High Speed RatingLow Speed Rating
Rating of Treadware 220200
Rate of TemperatureB
CostExpensiveLower in cost
ApplicationCoupes and Sports Sedans Vans and Family Sedans

82H vs 82T, which one is better to go?

If you are stuck in an awkward situation, 82H vs 82T, which one is better to go? The quick answer is 82H. However, you may get the facility at a low cost by buying the 82T. Yet experts suggest going for the 82H as the tire is absolutely ready for a run with a speed rating of 130 mph till the rubber reaches vitiation condition.

Final Word

Among 31 speed ratings, 82H, and 82T tires are the ones widely used on family cars, vans, sedans, and SUVs. Mainly, the key reason is the capacity of high tolerance speed of both tires. Yet 82H tires are preferable as almost all the users and experts have high recommendations for them. So, now you are ready to get out of the puzzle with 82H tires.