best wheels for nissan 350z

The Nissan 350z is a sports car that is more of a two-seater executed as two doors. It eventually started producing its fifth generation of Nissan z cars in 2002. Moreover, it has quite a sleek redesign of 240z DNA that helped rejuvenate the Nissan market. Currently, Nissan z has executed its 7th generation & they have indeed built up a reputation for producing sports cars with a superior level of performance.

Through this article, it will be explained the components to consider while choosing the best wheels for Nissan 350z & comparing among the best wheels that can be used. Hence, it will enable readers to make the best decision when selecting the wheels for the Nissan 350z.

Nissan 350 Wheels Size

Years Front Rim Size Rear Rim Size 
2003 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches
2004 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches
2005 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches
2006 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches
2007 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches
2008 Nissan 350z Rim size18×8 inches18×8 inches

Best Wheels for Nissan 350z

Nissan 350z is a car that is used for racing purposes & it is extremely evident the popularity of Nissan which is even in today’s generation producing superior quality sports vehicles. Since Nissan 350z is a sports vehicle, there are tendencies to travel on roads that are in repair or below standard so, in those circumstances, it is important to have quality wheels to support the vehicle to have a smooth transitioning through those roads.

Another important aspect to be considered is that when traveling in difficult conditions where we rely heavily on the wheels to safely continue the journey. Hence it is important to have good quality wheels so we have suggested below some of the best wheels that can be used for Nissan 350z:

1 – Dorman 939

Dorman 939 for nissan 350z

The main reason to choose the Dorman 939 where it acts as a direct replacement because it is designed in a manner where it helps to match the fit and the structural appearance of the exact wheel on the vehicle. It is more of a cost-effective product in providing at a competitive price when compared to Motegi Racing MR116 & Touren TR60.

The compatible feature between Dorman 939 & Motegi racing MR118 is that they conduct multiple tests to provide a superior quality product. The distinguished difference of Dorman 939 is that it helps to ensure that your tire fits the exact vehicle requirement. It is popular because it conducts radial testing, and axial run testing to provide superior quality.

Consumers would purchase Dorman 939 because most of the consumers have reviewed the product as great replacement wheels. Hence, it acts as a surety that the product is of superior quality.

  • Cost-effective
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Based on some of the consumer reviews where the wheels do not fit their requirement.
Dorman 939 wheels For nissan 350z

Around 74% of consumers have reviewed the product as a 5-star which can also mean that the product is of good quality.

2 – Motegi MR118 – Matte Black

Motegi MR118 wheels for nissan 350z

Motegi MR118 – Matte Black that follows a mesh style design where the spokes are rolling to the lip of the wheel. The Motegi MR118 possesses the inbuilt popular 5 lug applications but Motegi MR116 does not provide the lug nuts during the purchase.

A similarity between Motegi MR118 & XXR Wheels 521 is that both help in getting the center cap included. Motegi helps to provide a lifetime structural warranty along with a 1-year finish warranty. It is popular because some consumers reviewed the product which fits their vehicle appropriately.

Motegi MR118 are being purchased because of the superior quality wheels it produces & it is lightweight too.

  • A lifetime structural warranty
  • Provides a mesh style design
  • There is a lesser number of reviews from the consumers.

Overall, the consumers who have reviewed the product do feel it is of superior quality and lightweight.

3 – XXR Wheels 521 – Machined lip

XXR Wheels 521

The key reason to consider XXR Wheels 521 – machined lip is that it has a striking contrast design. The slight difference of XXR Wheels 521 – Machined lip is that it is made in Aerospace grade through aluminum alloy but Motegi racing MR116 does not provide that.

A commonality between XXR Wheels 521 – Machined lip & Touren TR60 provides a similar lifetime warranty for their wheels. A factor that can differentiate XXR Wheels 521 is that it is through one-piece cast construction & meeting strict quality criteria. The reason it is popular is because of the design it produces which is attractive.

Consumers would purchase XXR wheels 521 – Machined lip because it is specifically designed for vehicles that give high performance.

  • Contrast design
  • Lifetime warranty on structure
  • Fewer reviews from the consumers which can also mean that there is low interaction among the consumers.

Despite a smaller number of reviews, the product comparatively has a greater number of benefits to accommodate consumers’ requirements.

4 – XXR Wheels 521 – Flat Black

XXR Wheels 521 – Flat Black

XXR Wheels 521 where consumers prefer Flat black because it acts as a step lip design with a clean-cut mesh spoke. It has a greater number of removable rivets in distinct colors but some unpopular brands do not provide that.

A similarity between XXR wheels 521 – Flat Black & XXR wheels 521 – Machined lip is the mesh design that it produces. It provides 10 spokes wheels which are available in a 5 x 100 configuration that helps to elevate the vehicle that is more of a differentiating factor. XXR wheels 521 – Flat black is popular because the design is such that makes your vehicle stand out.

A thing that encourages consumers to buy XXR wheels 521 – Flat black, since it provides exclusive colors along with unique bolt patterns.

  • Removable rivets in distinct colors
  • Step lip design makes it stand out
  • Not extremely popular
  • Does not provide additional benefits compared to other established brands

Some of the consumers have reviewed the product as a 5-star mentioning that the rim is a great fit so it is a quality wheel that can be used for your vehicle.

5 – Motegi Racing MR116

Motegi Racing MR116

An important reason, consumers like to use Motegi racing MR16 is because it has a Matte black painted finish through a red racing stripe which makes it attractive. Some brands do not provide a lifetime structural warranty but Motegi racing MR116 provides that benefit.

Motegi racing MR116 & XXR wheels 521 ensures that the center cap is already included. Hence it does not require it to be purchased separately. A factor that makes Motegi racing MR116 differentiated is that it conducts plenty of tests to ensure a superior product is produced. It is not immensely popular because it is comparatively priced higher but some consumers do use it
Consumers would be encouraged to purchase Motegi racing MR116 because they tend to believe it is lightweight.

  • Lifetime structural and one-year warranty
  • Matte black with a red racing stripe makes it look attractive
  • Lug nuts must be purchased separately
  • Slightly expensive
  • 7% of consumers have reviewed it as 1 star so some of them were not satisfied with the product
Motegi Racing MR116

While analyzing around 82% of consumers have reviewed it as a 5-star but there are also plenty of 1-star reviews, so it is not the best brand. Although it can be usable.

6 – Touren TR60

Touren TR60

Some consumers use Touren TR60 because it implements the most advanced methods in the execution of the wheel. When compared to less established brands, Touren TR60 delivers the highest quality & proficient level of performance to the vehicle.

A similarity between Touren TR60 & Motegi racing MR116 is that they do provide a lifetime structural warranty. A significant difference between Touren TR60 is that it vividly finishes which creates a stylish appeal. It is not immensely popular because it has a greater number of negative reviews.

Touren TR60 would be purchased by consumers, who are interested to provide a stylish edge to their vehicle.

  • Stylish appearance
  • Provides high quality when compared to non-established brands
  • Not engaged in one-year finish warranty
  • Additional benefits are not provided
  • Around 17% of consumers have reviewed the product as 1 star which is comparatively higher than the reviews on other brands
Touren TR60

Comparatively, it has a lower number of positive reviews so it is a brand that can be used but certainly not the best


Through this article, we have individually discussed the best wheels that can be used for Nissan 350z but it is quite evident that we can select the best, especially through the consumer reviews & benefits. Hence, the best wheel out of the above 6 is Dorman 939, especially in terms of the features & reviews from the consumers.

In terms of second best, which is Motegi MR118 – Matte black because through the consumer reviews that we had discussed, this stands out & it also provides additional benefits to the consumers. Hence, it is the second best so overall these are the top two wheels that can be used for Nissan 350z.

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