Michelin X LT A/S Vs Defender

To run your vehicle in a well-mannered and smooth way, no doubt you need a tire that runs very swiftly. Michelin is a well-known brand that offers various brands of tires. So it is natural that you’re going to be confused about which should be your choice.

Like the similar problem, we face when it comes to deciding the most suitable one between Michelin X LT A/S vs defender. Michelin-x is the ready-to-go brand that had amazing on-road and off-road performance. Whereas, you can’t deny the defender too. This tire comes with a speed rating and limited tread warranty.

Let us see some more vivid descriptions of these two tread tires.

Which Tire Is best?

You may forget that Michelin is the only brand that makes specific tires for Costco. So it is hard to realize and find out their specific differences. Hence, we found the best reviews from customers of these two brands, and they claimed that they will definitely buy them again.

So choosing between these two brands is quite difficult. However, Michelin-x it A/S is an all-weather and durable tire. It is also good for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. We personally love this brand among Michelin X LT A/S vs Defender for its long-lasting and all-season tread life.

Again, the Defender also has long-lasting tread life, excellent snow, and wet road traction. Ultimately, the Defender comes with outstanding fuel efficiency and light truck life.

A Comparison Chart Between Michelin X LT A/S Vs Defender

FeaturesMichelin-X It A/SMichelin Defender
Image Michelin-X It A/S	Michelin Defender
Vehicle CompatibleCoupes, Sedan, SUVs, etcFamily crossover, light trucks, and vans
Dry Condition PerformanceGoodExcellent
Wet TractionAverageImpressive
Traction In SnowExcellentProvide sufficient support & grip
Noise During RideTolerableQuite
TreadlifeAwesomeNot too long-lasting
Treadlife Warranty70,000 miles112k km
Corner Stability78%92%
Overall Off-road performance62%81%

Michelin-X LT A/S Wins

Here are the advantages of Michelin-X it A/S by which the war between these two tires will be suitable for you.

All-Season Safety

Michelin-X is the best tire for those who are looking for something that gives protection all year round. The tire has excellent capabilities to run over the road, no matter if it is raining outside or falling heavy snow. Nothing will stop you from getting onto the road.

Satisfactory Snow & Wet Traction

One of the major advantages that we find about this tire. It has satisfactory snow and wet traction. Michelin is a good illustration of acceleration, cornering, and also breaking out the forces. These tires distributed the gaining weight of the vehicle throughout the road evenly. It also has extended tread life, lessening the effects of rolling counteraction. In a word, Michelin has a great ability to run over any hard and wet road more strategically.

6-Year Warranties

It’s natural that we spend money to get something that will remain longer and longer. Michelin X LT A/S has a 6-year warranty, which is absolutely a matter of rejoicing. Yes, it is the tire that comes with excellent grips and slits. So you can’t face any trouble of sudden breakout or wear off.

Excellent Circumferential Grooves

Michelin X is really a game-changer for its users. It’s because the tire constructed design is great and unique. The tire comes with exceptional circumferential grooves to reduce the threat of hydroplaning. It evacuated water from under the tire. For this reason, you will get more comfortable riding the vehicle over the rainy and muddy road.

Available For All Sorts of Vehicles

Michelin X LT A/S gives you a lot of options to fit the tires. You may try to find a suitable one for your vehicle. But this convenience does not happen when it comes to Michelin. Michelin is good to fit the below vehicle models including, Acura MDX, Chevrolet Silverado, Equinox, Suburban, K1500, Blazer, Tracker, etc. Again, this tire is also good for running Dodge Ram, Sprinter, Ford F-150, and the most renowned brands GMC Sierra and Lexus RX300.

Distinctive Tire Sizes

Tire sizes are also useful for the vehicle owner. Because different vehicles run in different sizes.

17″- P255/65R17 108H BSW, P255/65R17 108S ORWL
18″- P265/60R18 109T ORWL, P265/60R18 114T BSW, P255/70R18 112T BSW

Michelin-X It A/S Losses

We found only one con and disadvantage of Michelin X LT A/S. So it is the good sign of this model that makes the model more precious and unique.

Winter Traction Issues

As advertising, Michelin X promised to give good traction in deep snow. But what the test result claims, is the model isn’t good and wide enough to tackle over the hard snowy road.

Michelin Defender Wins

So now switch on to our next defender. It’s really a good and hatric type tire that promised to give all the benefits you want.

Available for All Weather

These tires are available for all weather. You might enjoy the riding even in every season like summer to autumn. The available tires on the market include sedans, minivans, and coupes, the Defender is the latest tire.

Gigantic Tire Size

Michelin defender wins the heart of every user for having gigantic size. You will definitely notice the size of the tire at first appearance. In near-identical, Michelin Defender comes with a mid-type 17-inches. So that one can achieve the best LT specification and the 116-load index.

Again, the defender T+H is rated at just 102. That means this tire can weigh up to almost 900 lbs per tire. You’re also grateful for the combination of Michelin’s intelligible technology. For this, you get remarkably boosting results after a while.

Excellent Speed Quality

The Michelin Defender has excellent speed quality. As most of those tires are equipped with a polyester cord and exceptional steel-made grip inside the tire. So that one can reach or raise the vehicle speed at any range.


This mini tire had assembled all the things that anyone needs for driving. Michelin defender is a unique tire to increase anyone’s comfort zone. Because most of them are equipped with comfort control technology. By these features, Michelin can give enough comfortable riding experience over a wide range of road surfaces.

You may wonder what is the meaning of comfort control technology? Comfort control is a proprietary technology where the tire ensures a higher level of road grip without increasing the noise levels. So you can also rely on this tire for fewer noises.

Equipped With Safety Features

Michelin Defender has notably held their excellence when it comes to their safety and security questions. This tire is manufactured with three distinctive features like zigzag sip, circumference grooves, high silica content, etc.

There is a safety feature that we found in this defender. Most of those tires have higher levels of silica content than the previous iterations. Actually, the higher level of silica helps to deliver complete road traction on wet roads. Unlike the Michelin X, here we also find the unique feature of circumference grooves.

High Treadwear & Durability

Similar to other unique tires, those Michelin defenders come with even tread wear. Hence, this brand considers their price compared to their competitors. You should not expect much from it.

As highlighted earlier, the Michelin Defender T+H distributes its speed uniformly on the road surface. Those tires were also made with solid and double internal steel belts. It is also reinforced with a 1-ply of polyamide. Again, the two-ply body casing that comes with this can contribute to ensuring long-lasting performance.

Defender Losses

Let us find some losses of these tires.

Not for off-road driving

One of the common issues that we find about this tire is failure to control the high-profile roads. They won’t be able to give you the expected result while you’re off-road driving.

Not Ideal For Snowy Road

Like other tires, the Michelin tire is very weak over the heavy snowfall. Heavy snowfall means the road is covered with a lot of icebergs and at that time it’s hard for you to run the vehicle over the road.

Which One Is The Winner?

Among the two different types of tires, Michelin X LT A/S vs Defender, we definitely go for the defender. Defender tires are really unbeatable to defeat. Again, those tires have a 100% safe zone to control over the critical roads. Not only this, most of them had different variations and impressive speed ratings that anyone needed for expected driving.

Secondly, we suggest you get the Michelin X LT A/S if you have a limited budget. But this doesn’t mean defenders are highly expensive. The price range of the defender starts from $100-120. Yet, those tires are highly valued in your money for having different aspects.

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