Can I put 65 tires on 55 rims – See what experts say!

Yes, it is possible to use 65 on tires 55. Through a particular website, a consumer has shared his point of view that the sizes are quite identical in terms of whether it’s 65 or 55. Hence, there would not be a problem using it. Moreover, not only one consumer but the majority of the consumers have given feedback especially through (Quora) that they haven’t faced issues as such in terms of the changes.

Tire Aspect ratio 55 vs 65

Furthermore, through this article, it will be explained on whether is it possible to use 65 on 55 tires, conduct a comparison analysis & by concluding with plenty of explanation on the possibilities of using 65 on 55 tires.

Can I put 65 tires on 55?

There are three factors that have to be mainly considered specially while using different types of tires such as:

Tire Aspect ratio
  • Width of the tire
  • The sidewall height of the tire
  • Diameter of the wheel

Yes, it is indeed possible for an individual to use 65 tires on 55 especially if someone used the tire on a Honda Valkyrie since it does not create an issue even if you’re shifting from 55 to 65.

Furthermore, some of the consumers purposely use 65 during the winter season because it will help to provide more sidewall height that certainly enables them to give more ground clearance. In terms of diameter, there’s a difference when you travel at 100km/h, it flows as 106 or 107km/h. Some consumers do believe that 65 would perform better than 55, especially in a snowy season. I also published a article about Winter Tires Vs All Season Tires for getting more information about snow.

Tire Aspect ratio 55 vs 65 – Comparison chart

Feature 5565
Diameter 24.9 26.5
Width 8.18.1
Sidewall height 4.45.2
Circumference 78.283.2
Revs per mile 810.7761.3
Speedometer – Low 2022.1
Speedometer – Mid 5055.25
Speedometer – High 9099.45
Fuel Economy Normal Better 
Power Normal Increased 

What is the positive side if I put 65 tires on 55?

It seems to be an ongoing trend to use tires that are large in size, especially among vehicle enthusiasts. Because it is a form of replacing a wheel with one of a larger diameter along with a new tire that possesses a lower aspect ratio. Hence the new tire has a similar diameter and circumference. Moreover, the positive side will be explained below when 65 types of tires are included on 55:

What is the positive side if I put 65 tires on 55
  • A wider range of tires would help to reduce braking distances on road surfaces
  • Wheels with low-profile tires are quite desirable by the users
  • Larger tires help to improve handling
  • Wider types of tires would help to increase the level of acceleration

What problem occurs if I put 65 types of tires on 55?

There are circumstances where individuals use larger tires as opposed to the actual size because of the outer appearance & some of the features. But there are certain problems that could arise while using larger tires as opposed to the actual size:

  • It takes more time for the steering to return to the center after taking a sharp turn
  • It will consume more fuel because the wheels are wider and larger so it certainly requires more effort to move
  • Larger wheels are slightly more expensive or costly

FAQs about Tire Aspect ratio 55 vs 65

How much taller is 65 compared to 55?


Is a higher aspect ratio better?


How does aspect ratio affect tires?

If the aspect ratio is higher, then the tire sidewall is taller. But while using larger/ wider tires, it is important to reduce the aspect ratio.

Which tire performs better during winter conditions?

Larger/ wider tires

Do you face a higher level of issues while including a wider tire?


Conclusion – Should I put 65 tires on 55 or cancel the order?

Yes, it is possible to use 65 types of tires on 55, especially during the winter season which would allow for better travel when compared to using the original tire. Moreover, some of the consumers have also stated that they did not face any significant issues while using 65 as opposed to 55. Hence, it will be fine to use 65 types of tires on 55.

As discussed above the factors where the positives are comparatively higher than the drawbacks so it can be considered, that it is possible to use 65 types of tires on 55. There’s no need to cancel the order but 65 types of tires can be used.