How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?

Replacing a tire pressure sensor varies from vehicle to vehicle. The price cannot be predicted prior to visiting the nearest service center. The average replacement cost of any tire pressure sensor starts from $50-$100. But you may need to pay more than this if the condition of your vehicle tire is getting too bad. On the other hand, an individual may have to pay at least $100 for the four tire pressure sensors.

It is worth knowing that two types of tires are available in the marketplace. One is direct TPMS equipped, and the other is non-equipped tires. The direct TPMS is much more expensive than the non-equipped.

As an alternative, if you want, you can purchase any TPMS service kit that costs you $10 per wheel. This particular kit comes with a pair of valve cores, caps, knots, etc.

Furthermore, the replacement cost also relies on the geographical location and the variations of your vehicle. The replacement cost for hiring any professionals is less than $30. Therefore, the cost of this replacement varies greatly between $80-$130 per wheel. It depends on the areas of the region you’re mainly living in. The average cost for a pressure sensor replacement only in the U.S.A. is around $80.

Another important fact behind this replacement cost is the pep boy charges. Pep boy charges are very affordable for any individual, and they start at $20 per sensor. But it may increase by an extra $17 if one has a hybrid vehicle.

Tire Pressure Sensor
Tire Pressure Replacement Cost By Car Models Cost
Toyota Corolla $99 with $4 for parts & $95 for labor
Mitsubishi $80-$140
Windshield $250-$400
Hyundai $100 with $5 for parts and $95 for labor

What’s the Reason Behind The Fact Of Replacing Tire Pressure?

If your vehicle tire pressure gets damaged for a while, you need to replace it as early as possible. This fact is that most of the tire pressures are driven by lithium ionic batteries. And you should know how poor this service those batteries give you a few years later. Over time, these batteries lose their charges and as a result, removing them from the sensor is getting challenging for you. Those charge-less batteries may strip destructive impacts inside the entire system in most cases. So it is better to replace them without thinking twice.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Tire Pressure Sensors?

The tire pressure usually gets depreciated by the vehicle’s computer signals. Yet you’re able to see the bright yellow light over the dashboard. Again, you may notice that the pressure sensor has a U-shaped symbol with an undetected sign in the middle front. The main culprit behind the lousy tire pressure sensor is the defective dashboard. There are various reasons by which your tire pressure dashboard may get damaged. Nevertheless, here are some common causes of tire pressure sensors which are given below:

Is It Safe to Drive Any Vehicle With A Bad TPMS?

One of the common questions of any car driver or road tracker is whether it is safe to run a vehicle even if the TPMS is in poor condition. The question is easy to answer, as you need to take it seriously. Remember, running the vehicle with a bad or worst TPMS is very dangerous, or you may compare this to a deadly snare.

Then we don’t suggest you drive with a bad TPMS sensor for at least 1-2 weeks. Again, bad sensors can exhaust your vehicle tires frequently. Most importantly, if your car tires face anything serious, your TPMS will not pick them up. It seems like you are endangering your life. Another significant part of your vehicle tires, all the crucial parts like rims, can get harmed because of poor sensors.

What To Check After Finishing Replacing The TPS?

Once you’re done with the proper replacement of your tire pressure sensor, there are some crucial things you need to check. Otherwise, you may miss out on further issues after the private serviceman leaves your house. We significantly divided them into two tasks.

After replacement, the first thing you should have to do is replace the TPMS components. Replace the service kit’s component that contributes to getting the best of your TPMS.

Secondly, you have to reset and reprogram TPMS sensors. Again, do not let the serviceman go before ensuring that all the stuff inside the sensors is working correctly.

How Can I Save Money From The Replacement Cost?

It is straightforward to save money on the replacement cost. You can take advantage of the replacement warranty. At the same time, you’re purchasing separate parts from any retail shops. Those parts will have a replacement warranty. So if your parts are still under warranty, it will help you save money and time. Thus, advantages also cut off the hassle of looking for other stocks or shops. We found many big-name tire centers, for instance, Discount Tire or Belle Tire, that will install a new one in the price range of $14-$18 per wheel.

Besides, you can take service from the aftermarket suppliers; the team will work with more than 100 OEM parts. So we think it’s a great way to get replacement sensors for your vehicle.

Final Wrap

We know repairing any electronic components is cumbersome while you’re on a very tight budget. Some people often go crazy and try to fix the replacement via any YouTube tutorial or DIY method. But none of them will be workable unless you’re an expert on the affairs.

So when the tire pressure sensor continuously sends you a glimpse, it’s time to fix the problem through replacement. Take help and an overview idea that we give in our entire article about how much does it cost to replace a tire pressure sensor. Hope you can plan your budget after you finish reading this article.