Why Are Lexus IS 250 Tires Different Size? [A Complete Discussion]

Lexus 25 is a well-known car on the market. It comes in various sizes, designs, materials, and others for different types of cars. But, the tires of Lexus IS 250 come in different sizes which is truly confusing for a beginner car owner.

So, why are Lexus IS 250 tires different size? Manufacturers made these tires in different sizes because of performance, comfort, fit for various models, handling, speed, and appearance. For example, a tall tire provides the car owner comfortable ride. Similarly, wider tires can make the car grip the road much better.

In this article, I will explain more about this matter. I am going to share my experience and also help you to choose the right size tire for the Lexus IS 250 car.

What Is the Tire for Lexus IS 250?

Lexus IS 250 is a type of car which comes with different models. Lexus IS 250 car is known for its performance and also known for its style.

Moreover, the tires of Lexus IS 250 are essential for traction and support which helps the vehicle to take enough weight. Moreover, the tires are also suitable for rough roads and get better speed and control.

Tires for Lexus IS 250 come in three main sizes such as 17”, 18”, and 19”. These sizes are created based on several factors for different types of models.

However, Lexus has produced high-quality car models for a long-time without facing any troubles. They spread their business worldwide and earn lots of reputation.

Why Are Lexus Is 250 Tires Different Size?

There are plenty of reasons I found that the tires come in different sizes. Here, I discuss the core reasons so that you will get a clear concept about this matter.

Why Are Lexus Is 250 Tires Different Size
  • Handling & Cornering

Majority of the tires for Lexus IS 250 come with wide sizes which are easy to handle and control. They provide better traction than small-size tires. But, a wider tire kills the speed and makes the vehicle slower.

  • Vehicle Performance

Vehicle performance is one of the main reasons which makes the Lexus IS 250 size different. They can help the vehicle to improve performance (handling, controlling, braking, accelerating, and helping the driver to ride smoothly).

  • Versatile Size for Choose the Right One

Lexus IS 250 believe that different cars need different size of tire for better fitting. In this situation, customers can choose their own tire size for the car’s model. For example, some of the drivers choose wider tires and some of the drivers choose taller tires based on their needs.

  • Weight of Tires & Wheels

The weight of tires and wheels is another factor for making the Lexus IS 250 tires different sizes. They impact on the fuel efficiency. However, tires and wheels increase the vehicle’s unsprung mass. Even, the weight of tires and wheels also increased the air resistance.

  • Cost Consideration

The size of the tires also decides the price of the tires. Larger tires are generally more expensive than smaller ones. Moreover, tire brands, quality, and some other factors also worked to reduce the cost of the tire.

What Lexus IS 250 Tires Do Different Sizes Have?

You can find out tires for Lexus IS 250 in different sizes. But, the standard size of this tire is 17”, 18”, and 19”. They are the major size of this brand of tire.

The manufacturer of Lexus IS 250 determined by three factors to use the different sizes of tires. For example, width, aspect ratio, and diameter.

According to Autopadre (the automotive researcher) is told that tire sizes are written in a specific format, like P225/45VR17. Based on this format all of the sizes of the tires are produced.

You will discover different types of tire sizes for Lexus IS 250. On the other hand, you can also go for custom-size tires after contacting the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons of Different Tire Sizes

Perfect-size tires for Lexus IS 250 offer versatile performance. Every tire has benefits and drawbacks and this tire is not different.


  • Provides better road performance
  • Users can choose the perfect size tire for their vehicle
  • Fuel efficiency and provides speedy performance
  • Provide comfortable ride due to lighter weight or the vast weight


  • The Lexus IS 250 tires are expensive to purchase

How to Choose the Right Tire Size for Your Lexus IS 250?

Selecting the right size of tire for Lexus IS 250 means you will get better performance than previous. But, how can you consider the right size Lexus IS 250? Check out the following hack.

  • Driving Condition & Performance

If you drive your Lexus IS 250 in rough weather or rainy areas, you should go for a large-size tire. You can also choose a 19” size tire for this reason. But, if you want to get prioritize performance and handling, you can go for a wider tire for your Lexus IS 250 without any doubts.

  • Budget

Different sizes of tires demand different money. If you have a tight budget, you should keep in mind the budget section to choose the tire. For example, bigger tires are more expensive price than smaller tires. Small size tire is popular and budget-friendly for Lexus IS250.

  • Keep in Mind the Available Option

You may know that Lexus IS 250 is sometimes unavailable on the market. It would be better for you to choose the perfect size of tire which is always available on the market. If you choose a size tire for your Lexus IS 250 which is often unavailable, you may just kill your time to find out the same size tire again.

What Size Tires Are On a Lexus IS 250? A Complete Chart

Model YearTrim LevelFront TiresRear Tires
2006-2013F Sport225/45R17255/40R17
2014-2020F Sport225/40R18255/35R18
2021-PresentF Sport225/40R18255/35R18

Source: Tiresize

What Should You Keep in Mind to Choose Right Size Tire for Lexus IS 250?

Now, you have a how-to guide to choose the right size of tire for Lexus IS 250. Here, you will get expert tips and tricks to choose the right size tire without making any mistakes.

  • If you ride your vehicle in rough weather or road, you can go for a bigger size tire
  • Make sure that the tire comes with a quality grip
  • The tire should be fuel-efficiency
  • Keep in mind the budget section
  • Don’t forget to check out the pressure of the tire

What size wheels fit a Lexus IS 250?

It depends on your Lexus IS 250-year model. Because Lexus IS 250 comes in multiple sizes and you need to choose the right one based on your vehicle model. I would love to check out the above guide to choose the right size tire for the Lexus IS 250.

Why do some cars have two different-sized tires?

Some of the cars have two different size tires because of performance, acceleration, handling, and some other factors. Moreover, car brands produce different models of cars which demand different sizes of tire.

Can I drive on 2 different size tires?

The answer is no. You should not drive on 2 different size tires. Because it increases the maintenance cost and is also tricky to drive. However, the vehicle also moves bad way when you use two different sizes of tires.

Are there any drawbacks to using larger or smaller tires on my Lexus IS 250?

Using large or small size tires on the car may affect on handling, comfortable ride, fuel efficiency, and speed. There is no doubt that you have to choose the right size tires for your Lexus IS 250 to get one of the best performances.

Wrapping Up!

Why are Lexus IS 250 tires different size? The manufacturers produce different sizes of tires for Lexus IS 250 because of several reasons. For example, handling, comfortable ride, cornering, speed, and so on. Moreover, Lexus IS 250 tires come in multiple sizes of tires for different models of cars.