Yokohama Geolandar At G015 VS Falken Wildpeak At3w

Planning to get the best tires for your car, but don’t understand Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 vs. Falkin Wildpeak At3w, which is best. These two tires have presented every place as effective upgrades for Outback.

Both tires are outstanding in the snow until the temperatures drop at 20F and under. The Geolander tire rubber compound can’t grip well in super cold temperatures. But, Falken Wildpeak provides the best performance in snow and excellently in mud.

They both give the best performance on the highway. However, though both of these tires are best, they come in different sizes, features, other specs, and prices. So, before making your decision, make sure which tire is best for your car?

Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 VS Falkin Wildpeak At3w: Which Is Better?

Yokohama Geolandar AtG015

Geolender AT also provides excellent off-road performance with superior ease and refinement. Look, in the back days, all-terrain tires were one-trick ponies. Generally, this type of tire gives surety of performance off-road but is not best for smooth road driving. Despite this, Yokohama Geolander G015 comes with a new design and technology.

Most importantly, this tire can run in the all-terrain and smooth high highway with manners or touring tires. Yokohama Geolander G015 is a fantastic tire for any car. This is an all-season tire and provides excellent ride quality and lower noise. In snow and dirt roads, they are amazing. In the winter season, they deliver superior performance. So, you can choose this tire for your cars because it is the best.

Falkin Wildpeak At3w

On the dirt, this tire provides impressive performance. Subsequently, this tire can tolerate all obstacles while driving that another tire cannot do. With this tire, you can reach campsites easily that was difficult to go with another tire. So, after using this tire, you may feel happy.

Any aggressive tire makes a noise at highway speeds, but this Wildpeaks tire doesn’t provide any noise. Usually, this Wildpeak is very calm for all-terrain, but you will hear a little noise at highway speeds. Don’t worry; any music can quickly drown this noise out.

Also, this tire offers tread wear performance at about 40k miles, which is impressive. Yet, you cannot notice any reduction in performance in winter conditions and off-road. Actually, this tire’s downside is that tires wear to increase the road noise. Overall, this is also a great tire. Also I have published a in-dethp review about Falkin Wildpeak At3w, You check this article.

Compare Table Of Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 VS Falkin Wildpeak At3w

Image Yokohama Geolandar AtG015Falkin Wildpeak At3w
ModelGeolandar AtG015Wildpeak At3w
SeasonAll-SeasonAll Season
Car TypesCars, Passenger Vehicles, and SUVTruck/SUV
Price PointExpensiveAffordable
Treadlife Warranty5 Years / 60,000 Miles5 Years / 55,000 Miles
Buy Again99%97%

Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 Wins

Yokohama Geolander AtG015 comes with many advantages and benefits. We are trying to some advantages below. So, please stay tuned:

If you use this Yokohama Geolander A/T in your off-road driving, you will feel like a superstar. Whatever you drive your car at deeper mud and giant rock, these tires can tolerate all of these obstacles. You would be loved to know that this tire is rated for extreme snow conditions. Nevertheless, if you live in heavy snowfall and long winters, these tires are ideal for you.

Remember that this tire comes with limited features. For example, though this tire is good in a snowstorm, it suffers from deep, thick mud and large rocks.

You need to be extra aggressive in this type of road like Yokohama Geolander AT G003 tires.

The all-terrain tire Enduro compound also offers the utmost durability. Typically, this compound increases the tire’s resistance from chips, scrapes, cuts, and punctures. Even it has sidewall protectors that prevent abrasions while traversing over sharp roads.

In particular, this tire also has deep circumferential and specific grooves within treads to make many biting rims. These features increase traction and grip in dirt, sand, and snow.

In terms of wet and dry traction, this tire is a winner. Mainly, this tire provides enough grips on slippery roads. Also, it can take lots of prolonging to break the tires in the wet. And, if you drive on smooth or wet highways, it can be the best idea.

Highway-terrain tires are king to provide enough comfort. On the other hand, this Yokohama Geolander will not disappoint you and is relative to the vehicle’s speed. Subsequently, if you drive faster, your tire will become bumpier.

Hence, if you are driving at slow and medium speeds, you can feel high-level comfort than regular. Specifically, it’s incredible if you compare it with cheaper AT tires.

Thanks to its triple 3D tread pattern and Enduro tire compound, it has incredible all-weather traction features. In addition, 3D spices are specific because they can change form with the tread wear and maintain extraordinary traction and road grip.

Thus, the EdgeTec notches expand the ice and snow traction, while the circumferential cracks help to resist hydroplaning. Mainly, this technology produces the tire safer to utilize year-round.

The Enduro compound and the siping tread detail provide long-lasting tread life. Similarly, this compound can slow down the tire tread wear rate. Furthermore, this treads forces equally to wear out with the slower wear rate, creating the tire usable for a long time.

Ultimately, its internal structure creates its cut and puncture resistance. In a word, for this internal structure, this Yokohama Geolander AT is a very cost-efficient tire. Overall the full-nylon internal structure and sidewall protectors help to resist accidental damages. So, you can use this tire for a long time.

Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 Losses

Basically, this tire comes with all-weather traction features, but it cannot provide the best performance in snow. Like other all-terrain tires, it’s also an aggressive tire but cannot offer overall highway speed performance. Otherwise, it’s a popular tire in the market.

Falkin Wildpeak At3w Wins

Like Yokohama Geolandar AT tires, this Falkin Wildpeak At3w also comes with many benefits and advantages. Keep reading to know:

The all-terrain category isn’t as easy as other categories of tires. Namely, some creators deliver a mild-terrain tire that is best for on-road driving. On the contrary, others manufacturer gives a concentrate on off-road monsters.

Accordingly, the owner of Wildpeak AT offers focuses on off-road traction. The main reason is that Falken used the deepest tread that assists with off-road traction. More importantly, this Wildpeak AT3w tire is one of the best all-terrain tires to drive on rugged terrains.

Large rocks won’t interrupt if you air down to 18 psi. Likewise, this tire also offers good mud-terrain traction, thanks to its high void area deep tread. To sum up, for its off-road abilities most people will be satisfied.

Adequately, the Wildpeak tires pack’s powerful top torque support. Additionally, this proprietary has 3D Canyon Sipes that come together for associated handling stability. Moreover, Falkin added internal cooling security to destroy heat from tires.

Correspondingly, it also helps to improve stability, especially when doing heavy-duty works like towing heavy trailers. The Japanese manufacturer didn’t stop there and used an outer apex sidewall.

That means it can provide the best performance on-road. But unfortunately, it doesn’t provide traction and grip like a touring tire, but some all-terrain tires can do. Of course, this tire can handle everyday driving very safely with excellent traction and grip.

The tread assists with off-road grip and increases hydroplaning resistance. Thus, it’s not surprising; it will hardly hydroplane in heavy rain and at high speeds. Whatever rain traction is not only best for hydroplaning resistance.

Hence, the tread compound is also essential, and more stickers provide more traction on slippery surfaces. The Falkin modern silica rubber compound is best for safe and secure wet performance. Indeed, you haven’t found any issues during rainy seasons if you drive at twisty places.

Falkin carefully made its tread pattern to lower noise in the final analysis. Despite having the attacking tread pattern, it’s the quiet all-terrain tire. In reality, you can notice tread growl at high speed though not expected from an all-terrain tire. Don’t think so, because it cannot destroy your trip. Ergo, it provides enough comfort while you are driving.

Falkin Wildpeak At3w Losses

After discussing the benefits of Falkin Wildpeak AT3w tires, it’s essential to know what its disadvantages are:

Responsiveness isn’t crucial to adding all-terrain tires, but communicating with the steering wheel is essential. Still, this tire cannot provide the most responsiveness like its category; even you can compare it with its direct competitors. Therefore, if you are a truck or SUV driver, you cannot enjoy the twisty road.


Are Yokohama Geolander Tires Best?

Mavis Discount gets 164 tire reviews for this Yokohama Geolandar AT G015. Henceforth, this tire has a 4 out of 5 ratings, and 87% of responders tell that they would purchase it again.

Are Falkin Wildpeak AT3W winter rated?

A remarkable tread design provides the capability to excel in three areas: winter, wear, and wet performance. In other words, it’s specially constructed for harsh snow weather.

Is Yokohama Geolander Noisy?

One of the quietest tires is this Yokohama Geolander, and you can search it in the mid-range category. They provide a comfortable ride and make low noise.

Final Verdict

To conclude, this is the Yokohama Geolandar AtG015 vs. Falkin Wildpeak At3w tires reviews; we hope you can know about them perfectly. Regardless, it’s final that both tires come with an excellent and reliable choice to consider before purchasing. Honestly, you may understand from here that the Yokohama Geolander AtG015 tire provides reliable features and benefits.

Usually, if you are looking for a tire that provides overall performance in off-road conditions, then go for Geolander ATG015. It’s because this tire comes with durability, off-road traction, and high-quality function.

Generally speaking, both tires come with many models and provide different performances and qualities. Overall, before shopping, you need to consider size and quality. Now it’s on you, after reading our full article we hope you can understand which one is best for you.

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