265/70r18 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

The 265/70R18 tire has an overall diameter of approximately 32.6 inches, a section width of roughly 10.4 inches, and is designed to be mounted on an 18-inch diameter rim. The equivalent tire size in the high flotation system is 32.6×10.4R18.

265 70r18 In Inches

What does 265/70r18 Tire mean?

For those who are new to tire nomenclature, it might seem like a weird sequence from an alien movie. It’s not, I promise! In truth, each number (and letter) in the sequence has a specific meaning. Here’s a handy-dandy table to break down the 265/70r18 tire size:

Tire NumberIts Explanation
265This is the tire’s section width, measured in millimeters, from sidewall to sidewall. The “265” means this tire is 265mm wide.
70This represents the aspect ratio, a ratio of the tire’s height to its width. “70” means the height is 70% of the width.
RThis is the construction type. “R” stands for radial, which means the layers run radially across the tire.
18This indicates the wheel diameter. “18” refers to the size of the wheel that the tire is designed to fit, in inches.

What is 265/70r18 Tire in inches?

To calculate tire dimensions in inches, we need to convert the given millimeter values. The 265/70r18 tire translates to a tire that is approximately 10.4 inches wide (section width), with a sidewall height of approximately 7.3 inches (70% of the section width). The tire is designed to fit an 18-inch wheel.

However, remember that the overall diameter of the tire is a combination of the sidewall height, wheel diameter, and the tire’s tread. Hence, the overall diameter will be larger than the sum of sidewall height and wheel diameter.

Measurements for 265/70r18 in Inches and Millimeters

To better visualize the measurements of a 265/70r18 tire, let’s look at the data in a table. Note that some values are approximated due to rounding.

Tire DiameterApproximately 32.6Approximately 827
Section WidthApproximately 10.4265
Rim Height18457.2
Sidewall HeightApproximately 7.3Approximately 185.5
CircumferenceApproximately 102.4Approximately 2601
Revolutions Per MileApproximately 619N/A

Please remember, your tire’s actual measurements may vary based on the tire brand and model. So, always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications when you’re shopping for new tires.

A Deeper Dive into the 265/70r18 Tire Specifications

Now that we have a basic understanding of what the numbers in 265/70r18 mean, let’s take a deeper dive into the specific tire specifications. Buckle up, because this is where things get really interesting!

Tire width of 265/70r18

The tire width, represented by the first number in the sequence, is 265 millimeters or approximately 10.4 inches. That’s wide enough to provide excellent stability and grip on the road, giving you the confidence to take those twists and turns with gusto. So, whether you’re cruising down the highway or tackling off-road terrain, the 265mm width has got your back (or rather, your wheels)!

Tire height of 265/70r18

The tire height, determined by the aspect ratio, is 70% of the tire width. In the case of the 265/70r18 size, the height is approximately 70% of 265mm, which gives us a sidewall height of around 7.3 inches. This sidewall height plays a crucial role in providing cushioning and absorbing impacts, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It also affects the overall tire diameter, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

Sidewall height of 265/70r18

Ah, the sidewall height! It’s like the unsung hero of the tire world, silently doing its job to protect your wheels and provide a comfortable ride. In the case of the 265/70r18 size, the sidewall height measures approximately 7.3 inches. This dimension plays a crucial role in determining the tire’s overall diameter, which affects various aspects of your vehicle’s performance, such as speedometer accuracy and gear ratios. So, while it may seem like a small measurement, the sidewall height is a mighty player in the tire game.

Rim diameter for 265/70r18

Now, let’s talk about the rim diameter that complements the 265/70r18 tire. In this case, the tire is designed to fit an 18-inch wheel. The rim diameter is a vital consideration when selecting tires because it ensures a proper fit and optimal performance. So, make sure you choose a compatible wheel with an 18-inch diameter to accommodate the 265/70r18 tire.

Tire circumference of 265/70r18

The tire circumference is a fascinating measurement that determines how much ground your tire covers in one revolution. For the 265/70r18 size, the approximate circumference is around 102.4 inches or about 2601 millimeters. This dimension has implications for various aspects of your vehicle’s performance, such as speed calculations and traction control systems. So, the next time you’re cruising down the road, remember that your tires are tirelessly rotating to keep you moving forward!

Now that we’ve delved deeper into the specifications of the 265/70r18 tire, you can appreciate the intricacies that make it an excellent choice for various vehicles. The width, height, sidewall, rim diameter, and circumference all work together harmoniously to provide the optimal balance of performance, comfort, and safety.

What are the Best 265/70r18 Tires?

When it comes to selecting the best tires for your vehicle, it’s essential to consider factors such as performance, durability, and reliability. To make your tire shopping journey a breeze, we’ve handpicked the top 3 choices in the 265/70r18 size. These tires have proven themselves to be exceptional in various driving conditions. So, without further ado, let’s explore our top tire picks!

1. Nitto Crosstek2 P265/70R18 114T BSW

The Nitto Crosstek2 is a versatile all-season tire that combines exceptional performance and comfort. Its innovative tread design provides excellent traction on both wet and dry roads, while the optimized tread block arrangement minimizes road noise for a quiet and comfortable ride. The reinforced sidewalls enhance stability and durability, making this tire suitable for both highway driving and light off-road adventures.

Key Features:

  • All-season performance for various road conditions
  • Enhanced stability and durability
  • Low noise levels for a comfortable ride
  • Reliable traction and braking capabilities


  • Excellent performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use


  • Not designed for heavy off-road use
  • Limited availability in certain regions

Final Recommendation: The Nitto Crosstek2 is an ideal choice for drivers seeking a balanced tire that excels in both performance and comfort. Its versatility and reliability make it a solid option for daily commuting and light off-road excursions.

2. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All-Season LT265/70R18 124/121S Tire

If you’re an adventure enthusiast looking for a tire that can handle tough terrains, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is an excellent choice. This all-terrain tire delivers exceptional off-road performance without compromising on-road comfort. Its aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction in mud, gravel, and snow, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. The tire’s high load-carrying capacity and strong sidewalls make it suitable for towing and hauling applications.

Key Features:

  • All-terrain capability for off-road adventures
  • Excellent traction in various weather conditions
  • Enhanced durability and load-carrying capacity
  • Comfortable and quiet on-road performance


  • Impressive off-road traction
  • Reliable performance in different weather conditions
  • Durable construction for heavy-duty applications


  • Slightly firmer ride compared to standard highway tires
  • Moderate road noise at higher speeds

Final Recommendation: The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is a robust and reliable tire designed to tackle challenging terrains while providing a comfortable ride on pavement. If you’re a weekend warrior who loves venturing off the beaten path, this tire will be your trusty companion.

3. Hankook DynaPro HT RH12 Radial Tire – 265/70R18 114T SL

For drivers seeking a tire that prioritizes comfort and longevity, the Hankook DynaPro HT RH12 is an excellent option. This radial tire is built to deliver a smooth and quiet ride on highways, making it ideal for daily commuting and long road trips. The tread pattern provides reliable traction on both wet and dry surfaces, while the optimized carcass construction enhances durability and stability.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and quiet highway performance
  • Reliable traction in wet and dry conditions
  • Long-lasting durability and stability
  • Fuel-efficient design for improved mileage


  • Excellent highway comfort and ride quality
  • Reliable traction in different weather conditions
  • Long tread life for extended use


  • Limited off-road capability
  • Not designed for extreme winter conditions

Final Recommendation: The Hankook DynaPro HT RH12 is an ideal choice for drivers who prioritize comfort and longevity. Its highway-focused design and dependable performance make it a reliable companion for everyday driving and long-distance trips.

FAQ’s About 265/70r18 Tires

We understand that tire sizes can be a source of confusion and raise many questions. Fear not, intrepid tire explorer! In this section, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about 265/70r18 tires. So, grab a seat and get ready to have your burning questions answered!

Q: What vehicles use 265/70r18 Tires?

A: The 265/70r18 tire size is commonly found on a range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and some crossover models. It’s often seen on popular models such as the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Wrangler, and many others. This tire size offers a great balance between off-road capability, on-road comfort, and versatility, making it a popular choice for various vehicle types.

Q: How many revolutions per mile does a 265/70r18 have?

A: The number of revolutions per mile can vary slightly depending on the specific tire model and its tread design. On average, a 265/70r18 tire has approximately 619 revolutions per mile. Keep in mind that this value is an approximation and may vary slightly depending on factors such as tire wear, road conditions, and vehicle load.

Q: What is the price of a 265/70r18 tire?

A: The price of a 265/70r18 tire can vary depending on various factors such as brand, tire model, performance characteristics, and additional features. On average, you can expect to find tires in this size range from around $150 to $300 per tire. However, it’s important to note that prices may vary based on location, availability, and current market conditions. It’s always a good idea to compare prices from different retailers and consider factors such as warranty coverage and customer reviews when making your purchase.

Q: What kind of rim does a 265/70r18 tire fit on?

A: A 265/70r18 tire is designed to fit on an 18-inch rim diameter. It’s important to ensure that the rim you choose is compatible with this tire size. The rim should have an 18-inch diameter and the appropriate width and offset specifications recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or tire manufacturer for optimal fitment. This ensures proper tire mounting, stability, and performance.

Q: How much air should be in a 265/70r18 tire?

A: The recommended tire pressure for a 265/70r18 tire can vary depending on the vehicle and specific tire model. It’s best to refer to the vehicle owner’s manual or the tire placard located on the driver’s side door jamb or fuel filler cap for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. This information will ensure that you inflate the tire to the correct pressure for optimal performance, safety, and longevity.

Q: What is a 265/70r18 equivalent to?

A: The 265/70r18 tire size is equivalent to other common tire sizes, such as 31×10.5r18 and 275/65r18. These tire sizes have similar overall diameters and are often used interchangeably depending on availability and specific vehicle fitment requirements. However, it’s important to consult the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or seek expert advice to ensure proper fitment and performance.

Comparison with Similar Tires

When it comes to tire sizes, it’s natural to wonder how one size stacks up against another. In this section, we’ll compare the 265/70r18 tire with various similar tire sizes to help you make an informed decision.

265/70r18 vs 275/70r18

The 265/70r18 and 275/70r18 sizes are quite similar, with the main difference being the section width. The 275/70r18 is slightly wider than the 265/70r18, providing a bit more traction and stability. However, it’s important to consider the specific vehicle fitment requirements and manufacturer recommendations when choosing between these sizes.

265/70r18 vs 275/65r18

When comparing the 265/70r18 with the 275/65r18, the key difference lies in the aspect ratio. The 275/65r18 has a lower profile, meaning the sidewall height is shorter than that of the 265/70r18. This can result in slightly sharper handling characteristics, but it may also sacrifice a bit of ride comfort. Consider your preferences and driving needs when choosing between these sizes.

265/70r18 vs 265/65r18

The 265/70r18 and 265/65r18 sizes share the same section width, but the 265/65r18 has a slightly smaller diameter. This can affect the overall gearing and speedometer accuracy. The 265/70r18 offers a taller sidewall, providing a smoother ride and better off-road capability. Consider your driving conditions and requirements when choosing between these two sizes.

265/70r18 vs 285/65r18

The 265/70r18 and 285/65r18 sizes have noticeable differences in both section width and diameter. The 285/65r18 is wider, offering enhanced traction and a more aggressive look. However, it’s essential to ensure proper fitment and clearance within your vehicle’s wheel wells when considering the wider 285/65r18 size.

265/70r18 vs 265/60r18

Comparing the 265/70r18 with the 265/60r18, the key difference lies in the aspect ratio. The 265/60r18 has a lower profile, resulting in a shorter sidewall. This can offer slightly sharper handling characteristics but may also impact ride comfort. Consider your driving preferences and needs when choosing between these sizes.

265/70r18 vs 295/70r18

The 265/70r18 and 295/70r18 sizes have significant differences, particularly in section width. The 295/70r18 is wider, providing enhanced traction and a more aggressive appearance. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper fitment within your vehicle’s wheel wells and consider any potential rubbing issues when considering the wider 295/70r18 size.

265/70r18 vs 265/70r17

When comparing the 265/70r18 with the 265/70r17, the main difference lies in the wheel diameter. The 265/70r18 is designed to fit an 18-inch wheel, while the 265/70r17 fits a 17-inch wheel. The larger wheel diameter of the 265/70r18 can offer better braking performance and a more commanding presence on the road.

265/70r18 vs 285/70r17

The 265/70r18 and 285/70r17 sizes differ in both section width and diameter. The 285/70r17 is wider, offering improved traction and stability. It’s important to consider any potential fitment issues and ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s wheel wells when considering the wider 285/70r17 size.

265/70r18 vs 275/65r20

The 265/70r18 and 275/65r20 sizes have noticeable differences in both section width and wheel diameter. The 275/65r20 is wider and designed to fit a 20-inch wheel. This larger wheel diameter can provide enhanced braking performance and a more aggressive stance. However, it’s essential to ensure proper fitment within your vehicle’s wheel wells when considering the larger 275/65r20 size.

265/70r18 vs 275/60r20

Comparing the 265/70r18 with the 275/60r20, the main differences lie in section width and aspect ratio. The 275/60r20 is wider and has a lower profile, offering improved traction and handling characteristics. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper fitment within your vehicle’s wheel wells when considering the wider 275/60r20 size.


After exploring the world of 265/70r18 tires, it’s clear that they offer a fantastic balance of performance, comfort, and versatility. With their optimal section width, sidewall height, and rim fitment, they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks and SUVs.

When choosing between tire sizes, consider your specific driving needs, preferences, and vehicle fitment requirements. Whether you opt for the 265/70r18 or explore alternatives like the 275/70r18 or 285/65r18, ensure that the tire size aligns with your desired performance characteristics, offers a proper fitment, and meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Remember, selecting the right tire size is just the beginning. Don’t forget to choose high-quality tires from reputable brands, maintain proper tire pressure, and regularly inspect your tires for wear and damage. These practices will ensure your safety, maximize tire life, and optimize your driving experience.

So, take this knowledge, hit the road with confidence, and enjoy your tire adventures with the perfect set of 265/70r18 tires!