285/80r17 In Inches – Tire Size, Rim Fitment & Best Tires

The 285/80R17 tire has an overall diameter of approximately 34.8 inches, a section width of roughly 11.2 inches, and is designed to be mounted on a 17-inch diameter rim. The equivalent tire size in the high flotation system is 34.8×11.2R17.

285 80r17 In Inches

What does 285/80r17 Tire mean?

To some, “285/80r17” might sound like coordinates to a hidden treasure chest or even a secret language, but in reality, it’s the key to unlocking the secret language of tires. Let’s turn our attention to the table below, where I’ve broken down the meaning of this magical number:

Tire NumberIts Explanation
285This is the tire’s width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. Our tire is 285 mm wide, which is the equivalent of a small pizza!
80This refers to the aspect ratio, the height of the tire’s cross-section as a percentage of its width. So, for our tire, the height is 80% of 285mm. It’s like saying you’ve eaten 80% of that small pizza… and wishing you hadn’t.
RIt stands for ‘Radial,’ indicating the tire’s construction. Radial tires have layers of fabric with cords running radially, or perpendicular to the tread. Imagine this like the pizza’s cheese— evenly spread and offering superior grip!
17Lastly, this refers to the wheel diameter in inches. Our tire fits a 17-inch wheel. Think of it as the size of the plate you’d need for your pizza.

What is 285/80r17 Tire in inches?

With all that pizza talk, let’s now take the 285/80r17 tire size and translate it into a more familiar language for our American readers – inches. There’s nothing better than a good old conversion table to simplify this process.

Here’s your handy guide:

Tire Diameter36.3922
Section Width11.2285
Rim Height17431.8
Sidewall Height9.0228
Revolutions per mile556
  • Tire Diameter: This is the total diameter of the tire. It’s like saying the pizza is 36.3 inches round, which would be a rather monstrous pizza.
  • Section Width: This measures the tire width in inches. So, our pizza—err, tire—is 11.2 inches wide.
  • Rim Height: The height of the rim the tire will fit on, in inches. This would be the size of the plate you’d need to hold our theoretical pizza.
  • Sidewall Height: This is the height of the tire from the rim to the tread (the part of the tire that contacts the road). Essentially, it’s the crust of the pizza.
  • Circumference: This is the total distance around the tire. With a 114.1-inch circumference, our tire-pizza would be one hefty meal!
  • Revolutions per mile: This is the number of times the tire will rotate in one mile of travel. With 556 revolutions per mile, your tire will spin more times than a DJ’s record at a nightclub.

Tire width of 285/80r17

When we say the 285/80r17 tire has a width of 285mm, think of it as the measuring the cheesiness of your favorite pizza. Imagine your ruler stretching from one gooey edge of the pie to the other. Translating this metric into inches, it’s a good 11.2 inches wide. This gives your vehicle a great “footprint,” maximizing contact with the road and providing exceptional stability and grip. You wouldn’t want to topple your pizza slice while eating, right? Same logic!

Tire height of 285/80r17

The height of the 285/80r17 tire, also known as its diameter, is where things get a little mathematical. If you take the width (285mm) and the aspect ratio (80%), we get the height of our tire’s sidewall. Double this and add the diameter of the rim, and voila! We have the total height. For our tire, it’s a mammoth 36.3 inches – almost as tall as a yardstick! It’s like stacking three medium-sized pizzas on top of each other!

Sidewall height of 285/80r17

The sidewall height of our tire is the distance from the rim to the top of the tire’s tread, effectively the crust of our pizza. For the 285/80r17, this is 80% of the 285mm width, or about 228mm (approximately 9 inches). That’s a chunky crust offering the perfect blend of ride comfort and sidewall protection, just like a pizza crust offers a perfect balance of crunch and chew!

Rim diameter for 285/80r17

The rim diameter for a 285/80r17 tire is 17 inches. This is equivalent to the size of the plate you’d need for your pizza – a nice, wide platform offering stability and support, and ensuring the pizza—err, tire—doesn’t end up in your lap while driving. Remember, rim size is crucial for a perfect tire fit. A mismatch here is like trying to squeeze a large pizza into a small box, and we all know how that ends!

Tire circumference of 285/80r17

Finally, we come to the tire circumference – the distance around the tire if you were to roll it like a hoop (or a pizza wheel!). For our 285/80r17, this measures a whopping 114.1 inches, or nearly three yards. This means each time your tire makes one complete rotation, it covers almost 10 feet of road! It’s like trying to eat a pizza with a 114-inch crust in one sitting. Good luck with that challenge!

FAQ’s About 285/80r17 Tire

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready for a slice of tire wisdom pizza—topped with the most frequently asked questions about 285/80r17 tires. Let’s dig in!

What vehicles use 285/80r17 Tire?

The 285/80r17 tire is commonly used on light trucks, SUVs, and some larger vehicles. It’s like ordering a pizza with extra toppings—you need a robust appetite and a bigger plate to handle it. Specific models may vary, so always check your vehicle’s manual or consult with a tire expert to ensure the perfect fit.

How many revolutions per mile does a 285/80r17 have?

A 285/80r17 tire typically makes about 556 revolutions per mile. That’s more rotations than a breakdancer in a dance-off! This number can help you understand tire wear and fuel efficiency—two things as important as the ratio of cheese to crust on a pizza.

Price of 285/80r17 inches Tire?

The price of a 285/80r17 tire can vary greatly based on brand, performance specifications, and whether it’s an all-season, all-terrain, or a specialty tire. It’s similar to the difference between a discount pizza and a gourmet pie from a fancy Italian restaurant. Prices can range anywhere from $150 to over $300 per tire. Always shop around and find the best deal that suits your needs and budget.

What kind of rim does a 285/80r17 tire fit on?

The 285/80r17 tire fits, as the number suggests, on a 17-inch rim. That’s the diameter of the wheel it’s designed for, similar to how a pizza fits on a specific size of a pizza stone. Keep in mind, though, that the rim’s width should also be compatible with the tire width to ensure the best fit and performance.

How much air should be in 285/80r17?

Typically, a tire like the 285/80r17 should be inflated between 35 and 45 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). But it’s always best to check your vehicle’s manual or the tire placard on your vehicle for specific recommendations. It’s like knowing how long to bake your pizza for that perfect, golden crust—you don’t want it too doughy or too crispy!

What is a 285/80r17 equivalent to?

The tire size 285/80r17 can be equivalent to different tire sizes depending on the aspect ratio, including 315/70R17 or 295/75R17, among others. It’s a bit like pizza—you could have a small deep-dish or a large thin-crust, and they might contain the same amount of deliciousness, but they provide a different eating experience. Again, consult with a tire expert to find the most suitable tire size for your specific vehicle and driving needs.

Comparison with similar tires

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for tire sizes and pizzas, let’s toss in a couple of similar tires into the ring for a comparison. Our contenders today are the 285/70r17 and the 285/75r17.

285/80r17 vs 285/70r17

Let’s start with the 285/70r17 – the 70 here indicates an aspect ratio of 70%. This means it has a lower sidewall height compared to the 285/80r17. It’s akin to choosing thin crust over deep-dish pizza. Both are delicious, but the eating experience is different. A lower sidewall height can mean a stiffer ride but potentially better handling, while a higher one (like on the 285/80r17) can give you a more comfortable ride, especially over uneven terrain.

285/80r17 vs 285/75r17

The 285/75r17, on the other hand, sits between the 285/80r17 and the 285/70r17. Like a medium-crust pizza, it offers a bit of both worlds – slightly more sidewall height than the 70 aspect ratio tire for a cushier ride, but not as much as the 80 aspect ratio tire.

Remember, though, the right tire for your vehicle isn’t just about size. It’s also about the kind of driving you do, your vehicle’s capabilities, and personal preference. It’s much like choosing a pizza, where the occasion, your appetite, and your taste buds play a huge role!


In the grand scheme of things, tire sizes might not be as exciting as a Friday night pizza party, but as we’ve seen today, they play a critical role in your vehicle’s performance, safety, and even fuel efficiency. Understanding what those numbers on your tire mean can empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to replacing or upgrading your tires.

So whether you’re a fan of deep-dish or thin-crust, pepperoni or pineapple (we don’t judge), we hope this pizza analogy made the complex world of tire sizes a little more digestible, maybe even a tad more fun.

Stay safe on the roads, remember to check your tire pressure regularly, and above all, enjoy your pizza, knowing you’ve conquered the world of tire sizes. We’re proud of you, tire gourmets! Enjoy the ride, and the slices!