Top 5 Best Tires For Drz400s

The best tires for your DRZ400s will depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your bike, then a motocross tire is likely the way to go. These tires offer better traction and handling than standard street tires. We have reviewed the 6 Best Tires For Drz400s and compared their merits in terms of grip, performance off-road, durability, tread life, and price.

Best Tires For Drz400s

What Tires Size Should I get for DRZ400s

Recommended Sizes For Front Tires –

  • 90-100-21
  • 90-90-21

Recommended Sizes For RearTires –

  • 110-100-18
  • 120-90-18
  • 120-100-18
  • 130-80-18
  • 140-80-18

You can use any of those sizes. The 140 is made for things like the desert, I think.

6 Best Tires For Drz400s Review

Many riders are wondering what the best tires for their Drz400s are. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve done all the research for you. So first Of let’s Talk about the front tires of Drz400s.

1 – MAXXIS Maxxcross IT Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire

Best Tires For Drz400s

Are you looking best dual sport tires for drz400s? These tires grip well and hold up in the dirt and some rocks. In addition, they have excellent traction—better tires at a great price. You’ll also get a smooth ride, which is nice when you’re on long rides. The best part of this tire is that it’s easy to install, so there won’t be any hassle with your bike shop if they need to change out your tires for whatever reason! It will also give you dual sports performance, so these tires will do just fine whether you are riding off-road or on the road!

Highlighted Features:

  • The tires are good in dirt and rocks.
  • Very Good traction.
  • Better tires at a great price.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Easy to install.
  • Outstanding dual sports performance.

2 – Shinko 87-4361S Tire 505 Cheater Series Rear

Top 5 Best Tires For Drz400s

The Shinko 87-4361S tire is the perfect choice for riders who want to get the most out of their off-road riding without sacrificing too much on-road performance. This tire provides excellent traction in the most extreme conditions, and it performs very well on wet rocks and roots. It also has a pretty smooth ride. In addition, the price is great, and installation/removal is super easy and convenient.

Features Summary

  • Provide very Good traction in the most extreme conditions.
  • Very good on wet rocks and roots.
  • Traction.
  • Pretty smooth.
  • Super easy and convenient.
  • The prices are great.

3 – Shinko 216 Series

Top 5 Best Tires For Drz400s

Shinko 216 series front tire is the best off-road tire for drz400s. This tire has an excellent performance in the desert. It works with a tubeless setup. It grips well in all-terrain, and it’s a bit wider than most of the tires on the market, but it still fits on our bike perfectly. It has excellent handling, even at high speeds, and this tire is long-lasting than most of the other tires I have used before.


  • Shinko 216 is the best off-road tire for drz400s.
  • Very Good Performance is desert.
  • DOT-approved tires.
  • This tire work with a tubeless setup.
  • Grips well in all-terrain.
  • Bit wider.
  • Very Good Handling.
  • Great Tread life.

best Front Tires For Drz400s

4 – DUNLOP Geomax AT81

Top 5 Best Tires For Drz400s

Dunlop Geomax AT81 Front Tire for DRZ400S is a premium off-road tire designed to give you the ultimate performance and durability. It has been specifically engineered to provide superb handling, grip, and traction in any condition. In addition, the Dunlop Geomax AT81 Front Tire for DRZ400S features an advanced tread compound that ensures excellent wet weather performance and enhances the overall lifespan of the tire. As a result, the Dunlop Geomax AT81 Front Tire for DRZ400S offers you a unique combination of the superior road holding capability, ultra-traction, and exceptional tread life.


  • premium off-road tires for drz400s
  • This tire works very well in desert conditions.
  • Super Grip and Traction.
  • This tire will give you long-lasting performance.
  • Awesome Handling.
  • Durable tire.
  • The traction is suitable for any condition. You can drive in dry, wet, or snowy weather and not slip.

5 – Shinko 705 Series – RearTires

Top 5 Best Tires For Drz400s

Shinko 705 is a great all-around tire. It’s very capable on the street, gravel hardback dirt, and light off-road riding. The tread pattern provides excellent wet weather adhesion and smooth highway running. Best street tires for drz400s for sure!

The Shinko 705 Series Front Tire has an aggressive tread pattern made for high-speed street riding. This versatile design allows you to ride at speeds over 100 mph with confidence but still offers great traction in wet weather. Best street tires for drz400s!


  • DOT approved dual sport tire.
  • Super low price.
  • Shinko 705 is the best street tire for drz400s
  • Stable tire.
  • Great performance in gravel hardback dirt and street.
  • Quite capable. Good all season.

What tires come on the DRZ400s?

The DRZ400s is a dual-purpose motorcycle that can be ridden on or off-road. Dual-purpose motorcycles are also known as dirt bikes, and these types of vehicles require different tires than other types of bicycles. The front tire is a size 90/90-21. The back tire is a size 120/90-18.

9 Tips to Buying right tires for Drz400s

  1. Consider the type of terrain you will be riding on.
  2. Check for DOT, ECE, or JWL certifications.
  3. Look for a tire that has a high-speed rating and is designed to handle heavy loads.
  4. Find tires with an aggressive pattern tread design to provide better traction in wet conditions.
  5. Inspect your motorcycle’s suspension before purchasing new tires.
  6. Decide whether you want bias-ply or radial tires based on your needs.
  7. Consider your riding style when choosing between street, off-road, dual-sport, or dirt bike tires
  8. Know what size you need – check your owner’s manual for how much clearance is needed from top to bottom of the tire (don’t forget about valve stem height).
  9. If you’re replacing one front and one rear tire, make sure they have different tread patterns so that they wear evenly over time; this will maximize the life span and give you better traction depending on whether it’s wet or dry outside.


The Drz400s has an excellent chassis, suspension, and engine. It’s a blast to ride! If you’re looking for tires that will work well with the bike, we recommend MAXXIS Maxxcross IT Intermediate Terrain for the Rear and Shinko 705 Series for the Front. These two tires are our favorite choice because they offer good traction on both wet and dry trails while still being affordable; it also doesn’t need much air pressure when installed, making riding more comfortable and reducing your rolling resistance.

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