The Top 7 Best Tires For SV650

It is difficult to find the best tires for an sv650, as there are many different types of tires, and they vary in their performance.

The type of tire one will depend on the conditions they ride under. Some factors can be considered when looking for which type of tire to purchase: tread life, wet grip, dry grip, and price. Ideally, it would help with a tire with all these features,

but this isn’t always possible because not every manufacturer offers them all together. This blog post will help riders choose what’s best for their bike based on those four categories so they can get the most out of their motorcycle!

Tire size for SV650

  • Front: 120/70-17
  • Rear: 160/60-17

Best tires for sv650

1 – Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli Angel GT: The ideal tire for travelers using the bike for long road trips, with side bags and passengers looking for safety on wet, stability and mileage.

The evolution of the Angel ST, stretching the concept of Sport Touring into Gran Turismo, bringing the sporty attitude to a wider range of usage conditions and for longer distances. The new reference for mileage in Sport Touring tires. Excellency in wet performance and grip.


  • Provides a safe, stable ride.
  • Increases mileage.
  • best touring tires for sv650
  • Keeps you and your bike safe in wet conditions.
  • Gives you the power to push yourself on long road trips with ease.

2 – Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Front Tire

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 is a sport touring tire that comes with the DNA of Pirelli’s racing tires, offering superior handling and grip.

The Diablo Rosso 3 has been designed to be used in the front or rear position on modern naked bikes and sport-touring motorcycles.

This tire features a profile derived from World Superbike Championship technology that provides excellent stability, maneuverability and acceleration.

In addition, the tread pattern promotes uniform wear for consistent performance throughout its lifespan.


  • You’ll be able to take corners faster than ever
  • One of the best 2005 Suzuki sv650 tires
  • You’ll be able to ride your bike at higher speeds before feeling any loss of grip
  • Feel like you’re in the World Superbike Championship.
  • Ride with confidence and feel like a pro

3 – Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is a great sport touring tire. It delivers excellent stability and grip in the twisties, yet it’s smooth and comfortable on the highway. The Pilot Power 2CT comes with a special tread compound that makes this tire 20% softer than its predecessor.

This soft compound allows for higher cornering speeds while providing excellent feedback to the rider. In addition, the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT has been developed to work with your motorcycle’s Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) system if equipped.


  • Improved grip and handling.
  • The world’s best tires for the most demanding riders.
  • Feel like a professional racer with these exclusive tires.
  • Be confident in your bike’s performance on any surface.

4 – Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tire Hp/Track

Michelin Pilot Power

The Michelin Pilot Power is the ultimate sport tire for high-performance sportbikes. It provides superior grip in all conditions, including wet weather, and stability at high lean angles. The Pilot Power is designed to perform on both the street and track but should not be used in competition due to its DOT designation.

  • Incredible cornering grip & stability at high lean angles
  • Outstanding durability for a performance tire
  • High-performance sportbike tires designed for street or track use (not recommended for competition


  • Get Michelin® racing tire technology.
  • The rubber mix is developed for MotoGP racing.
  • Ride on the edge of your seat with confidence.
  • Lean into turns more than you ever have before.

5 – Dunlop RoadSmart 3

Dunlop RoadSmart 3

Dunlops RoadSmart III is the next generation of touring tires. Dunlop has already taken an industry-leading tire and made it even better by incorporating new technology to improve performance, mileage and grip.

The RoadSmart III features a new tread pattern that offers improved cornering ability while reducing noise levels. The center of the tire features a compound designed for longer wear, while the sides feature a compound that helps increase grip in rain or dry conditions. This combination results in an all-season tire with excellent wet traction and long life on dry roads, as well as


  • Longer tread life.
  • Better wet and dry performance.
  • Get more miles out of your tires while still riding comfortably on the road.

6 – Shinko 009 Raven Radial

Shinko 009 Raven Radial Rear Tire

The 009 Raven is a sport touring radial tire that provides superior riding comfort while its tread compound gives a high grip on both wet and dry roads. As a result, the Raven delivers outstanding mileage, long life, and performance in all weather conditions.

Product Description in paragraph form:
Shinko’s 009 Raven Radial tire was specifically designed for long life. The Raven provides superior riding comfort while its tread compound gives a high grip on wet and dry roads. This Sport Touring Radial delivers outstanding mileage, long life, and performance in all weather conditions. Available in 14-inch to


  • Longer-lasting tires.
  • Better grip on wet and dry roads.
  • Feel safer in your car.
  • Drive confidently knowing you have a high-performance tire under you

7 – Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3
  • Front: 120/70-17

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 is a sportbike tire designed for high-performance riding. The tread pattern offers superior grip in all conditions, and the profile provides improved lean angle and better cornering.

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 is specifically designed for sportbike riders looking to go fast on the track or on the road. It features a large footprint area, which provides excellent traction and stability during braking and acceleration. It also features a flash racing tread pattern that helps reduce weight while improving wear consistency and performance throughout its lifetime.


  • Provide the best traction for your bike.
  • Keep you safe on the road.
  • Give you a sense of freedom and control while riding.


We hope you’ve found this post useful and informative. If you’d like to learn more about the best tires for your SV650, we recommend checking out our blog article, where we detail each tire type and some of the factors that make them different from one another.

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