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Sceptor 4×S Tire Review
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Do your car tires freeze to the ground every time it snows in winter?

Ever have your over-inflated tires burst in a hot summer due to the extreme hot pressure?

Well, these are the two most common problems most car owners have to deal with in extremely cold and hot regions. Replacing tires with every season change is hectic and money-consuming. Deep inside, all car owners secretly hope for tires that can perfectly survive and thrive under all weather conditions, even when the roads are wet, or the streets are as dry and hot as hell.

And if you’re one of them too, don’t worry pal, cause we know exactly what you need. Wave goodbye to all the painful memories the poor-quality tires caused you before. The Sceptor 4×S tire is here to restore happiness in your life with an easy, smooth and comfortable driving experience.

You must be wondering, who makes Sceptor 4XS tires, right? Don’t worry, they are not from fairy tales. The Spector 4×S tires are designed and brought to you by Nexen Tire, one of the top 10 tire manufacturers in the world. These tires have also been approved for global OEM production. In case you don’t know much about them – this company is well-reputed for producing quality tires for the past 71 years.

Sceptor 4xS Tire Compared to The Best Car tires

The common thought that is likely to pop up in your mind is, is Sceptor a good tire brand?

Especially compared to top tire brands like Michelin Pilot or Goodyear?

Let’s take a look at the Consumer Reports of 2022, Nexen Sceptor Tires are enjoying the fifth rank on the Top Tire Brands Report Card. If we consider the Amazon ratings, the Sceptor 4×S tires have more than 80% positive five-star reviews.

Are Sceptor Tires Any Good?

We are not going to bluff, but honestly, these tires perform well and are worth the money. The modern tread design of the tires will not only give your car a classy vibe but also enable your vehicle to handle all weather hazards like a pro. All thanks to its advanced anti-hydroplaning tech feature carefully set up by the manufacturers.

Oh another thing, the 4 straight wide grooves help to achieve better and faster-wet traction in regard to all pavement textures. This is a key factor since you will want your tires to be consistent on all road surfaces. This tire model also promises a 45000-mile treadwear warranty. Doesn’t that sound great? Have we told you about the durability of the material yet? It’s sturdy. It’s long-lasting. The tires will definitely go a long way.

Manufacturer:Nexen Tires
Manufactured in :Korea
Tire model:4×S
Section Width:215 millimeters
Load capacity:2105 pounds
Tread Depth:12 32nds
Load Index rating:101.0
Tire Aspect Ratio:70.0
Rim Size:16 inches
Tire diameter:16
Item weight:25 pounds
Maximum speed:130 mph
Speed rating:H

Who is Sceptor 4xs Tire Best For?

Wondering if the Sceptor 4×S tires, made in Korea, are going to be suitable for you or not?

If you own a truck or an SUV car and have to generally drive over rocky rough grounds or bumpy roads with potholes, you’ll benefit the most out of the Sceptor 4×S tires. These tires have been manufactured for passenger vehicles. That’s why they ensured some high-performance features such as reduced road vibration and greater controllability over all types of road surfaces.

Sceptor 4xs Tire: The Good side and Bad side

The Good sides

The Bad Sides

Available sizes

It is very important to make the right size selection for your tires to enjoy smooth rides with optimal performance. If you pick the wrong size for your tires, it is likely that you won’t enjoy enhanced safety and fuel efficiency. Whether your tires are going to have a better grip on the road or not, mostly depends on the tire sizes you choose for your vehicle. Therefore, to help you decide the correct tire size for your vehicle, we have prepared a size chart for you.
Here you go with the size guide chart for SUV cars:

13″ Rims:

  • 175/70R13-82T

14″ Rims:

  • 215/70R14-96S
  • 175/70R14-84T
  • 195/70R14-91T
  • 185/60R14-82H
  • 175/65R14-82T
  • 195/75R14-92S
  • P185/65R14-85H
  • 205/75R14-95S
  • 185/70R14-88T

15” Rims:

  • P205/65R15-92H
  • 215/70R15-98T
  • P185/60R15-84H
  • P185/65R15-86H
  • 205/70R15-96T
  • P195/60R15-87H
  • P215/65R15-95H
  • P195/65R15-89H
  • 195/55R15-85V
  • P215/60R15-93H
  • P205/60R15-90H

16” Rims:

  • P205/55R16-89H
  • 215/70R16-100H
  • 205/50R16-91H – XL
  • P205/60R16-91H
  • P225/60R16-97H
  • P215/55R16-91H
  • P215/60R16-95V
  • 225/70R16-103T
  • 215/65R16-96H
  • 235/65R16-103T

17″ Rims :

  • P215/60R17-95H
  • 225/45R17-94H – XL
  • 235/65R17-104T
  • P225/60R17-98H
  • P235/60R17-100H
  • 205/50R17- 93V – XL
  • 225/50R17-98V – XL
  • 215/45R17-91V – XL
  • P225/65R17-100H
  • 235/55R17-99W
  • 215/50R17-95V – XL
  • P225/56R17-95V
  • P215/55R17-93V
  • P215/65R17-98T

18″ Rims:

  • 235/50R18-97W
  • 235/60R18-103H
  • P235/55R18-99V
  • 225/45R18-95W
  • 235/45R18-98V
  • P225/55R18-97V

What is our final opinion?

Sceptor 4×S tires can be the best budget-friendly partner for your vehicle for everyday smooth rides. We love how the tires don’t compromise on its great performance even after years of usage. Be it be summer, spring or winter, no matter if the roads are muddy, bumpy, or rough, these tires are sturdy and durable enough to handle it all. If you want a long-lasting companion for your car, we don’t know what else can be better than the Sceptor 4×S tires.

Just make sure to pick the right tire size for your car and see the magic happen. Happy driving!