Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS PS2 – Compared ⚔️

Normally, a Michelin Pilot Super Sport and PS2 come in different shapes and categories. When it comes to comparing the two, both Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS PS2 is linked to the vehicle’s performance. You can’t describe which tire gives you its best until it shows the ability in reality.

However, Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a milestone summer tire design to be fitted to passenger cars. At the same time, Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 is a beast along with little exception concerning performance.

It’s natural to get confused by seeing those two at first. That’s why we are here to make a distinct prohibition and make it facile for you from our research base reviews. Let us get to the depth of the reviews of these two tires.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS PS2: Which brand is better?

Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the newer version rather than the summer tire of Ps2. So it’s natural that the newer version of PS2 had advanced traits of reliable wet and dry performance.

In comparison to the pilot, the supersport had owned the pride of BMW marked PSS. That means the Pilot Super Sport is much more adjustable and has a good all-around tire that suits the M2 well. It comes with a good grip, fast, accurate steering response, and high lateral stability. Moreover, the tire is good once for a warm-up and grip the road well.

On the other hand, Michelin pilot PS2 is a well-known brand for having the quality of UHP tires. If the Pilot Super Sport is a beast, then pilot PS2 is the striker for giving you high mileage performances on the road. The tire will deliver high concerning driving with excellent wet and dry representation. Michelin PS2 is better than a Pilot Super Sport for advanced tread compound.

Head To Head Comparison Chart

FeaturesMicheline Pilot Super SportMichelin PS2
Overall performance🔻88%🔋86%
Dry road performance🔋95.5%🔻94.5%
Corner stability🔋91%🔻90%
Steering responses🔋92%🔻90%
Wet performance🔋87.5%🔻86.5%
Acqua planning🔋89%🔻84%
Noise level🔋87%🔻85%
Overall performance🔋85%🔻84.5%
Treadwear warranty🔋30,000 miles🔻20,000 miles
Pros✔️Less noisy
✔️Compatible for both on and ✔️off-road performance
✔️Constructed with strongest and solid handling
✔️Ensure comfortable riding
✔️Built-in with much high profile technology
Cons❌Come in a very wet grip❌Low treadwear warranty

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Wins

Now let us have a look at what good and bad facts this summer tires will provide you. According to customers reviews on different sites, we have identified the good sides of Michelin Pilot Super Sport which are mentioned here:

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a good illustration of dry performance ratings. The tire comes with constructed bi-combined thread design. Thus it can be an awesome road tracker for any car warrior.

Not only this, the outer rubber, along with the tire, make a durable path to fluently run over the hard surfaces. So many heavy rocks and stones usually surround the dry road. Don’t worry; this flexible tire will support you to drive generously.

Most of us skip this feature but except the people who live in wet and cold areas. Our suggestion is to get the Michelin Pilot Super to avoid an auspicious journey on muddy roads.

The important fact about this tire is the tire eventually comes with a distinct compound pattern so that it can tolerate maximum pressure and spread the burden temperature separately across the road.

The Michelin Pilot Super has a very reasonable sound level. It’s because most of those are effectively constructed with lesser grip and traction. Those functions let it make less noise even when someone is driving over the cracky roads.

Moreover, the tires’ external designs are constructed with special threading and texture that obstruct the sound to evaluate and reflect. Again, the ergonomic materials of this reduce the noise and absorb the impact forces.

We have mentioned at the very first about their treadwear warranty. Actually, a treadwear warranty gives its user a hint about how much mileage anyone can cover by attaching those tires at once. So our Michelin Pilot Super Sport can cover up 30,000 mileage. It is really worth it compared to our second competitor, the PS2. Only with this affair, you can feel the Michelin pilot PS2 in the second category for less treadwear warranty.

The tight budget may bother you to get the best tire for your vehicles. Fortunately, Michelin Pilot Super Sport didn’t require much money. The starter price of the Michelin pilot is $120. And the last price is an average of $250-300. We think it’s not too big if you analyze its features and functions, constant working capabilities. Moreover, 30k mileage is really unbelievable at this price range which can fulfil all the people’s demands.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Losses

The losses of Michelin Pilot Super Sport aren’t too many. We really dislike some of its features that undoubtedly need to be improved. So yes! let’s see what cons it had really indulged with.

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport will not be worthy for ice and snow performance. The first reason for this is the tires are explicit for summer terrain and tractions. Second, the materials that the tire was manufactured with didn’t tolerate the traction and higher temperature of snow and ice conditions. Most importantly, the tires can get stuck or skid over the icy road, which may cause any fatal accidents. Besides, it may get damaged or deflate if the temperature goes below 5C. The tire may wear out due to the excessive cold and freezing atmosphere.

Although the Michelin Pilot Super Sport has many advantages, it has less and a weak wet grip. The aquaplaning attached with these tires are not too good. If we talk about its comfortability, the tires were quite hard, but not run-flat hard at all. It’s an excellent tire for dry conditions but often shows some issues in extreme dry atmospheres.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 Wins

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 is our second defender that we are going to review. The verified size and appearance make the Pilot Sport PS2 different from its previous version.

The Pilot Super Sport PS2 had raised its popularity among others for fantastic handling. The equipment unleashed you with good and fantastic grips. The rubber-made tires are easy to maneuver and extremely capable to fitted on many famous vehicle brands. Since 2004 Pilot Super Sport has their popularity with some of the best summer tires at the end of the year.

One of the worthy parts about this tire is that it comes with two distinctive tread compounds. One is dry traction, and the other is wet. The dry traction grip works very well over rough and tough surfaces. Hence, it contains two tread compounds—both of the traction made with different materials.

Unlike this, the dry traction compound of this tire is manufactured by hybrid carbon. The material gives a foreshadow over the outer portion of the tire. Besides, the silica base designation provides its user with the ultimate grip and handling.

Not only this, the wet traction compound situated on the inner portion of the tire is made with grooves for channeling water. That means the tires go forward to grip during the rainy season. Plus, it also prevents hydroplaning into the low atmosphere.

According to some of the expertise, the Pilot Supersport has good vehicle excels whenever pushed to the limits. They had tested the track over the road. That’s why an individual can drive this tire hard. The tire does not easily flinch even if it gets cornering, accelerating, or braking.

The tire comes with a 20K mile treadwear warranty from Michelin. It is the most high-performance tire, which is not implied by others.

The Michelin sport PS2 gives certainty about comfortable and quiet riding for its inside material. The tire is well constructed with 2-high tensile steel belts. Inside the tire, those steel belts will also contribute to extending the strength and durability while you’re in a racing mood.

Actually, those belts ergonomically consist of an aramid and nylon filament reinforcement. So that one can add as much strength and durability you need to run the vehicle at higher speeds. In Spite of this, those tires also improve your ride comfort as well as inflict it a bit more steering backwash.

Michelin Sport SP2 tires are available in 17-22 inch sizes and can opt with better mileage for having a capacity 6-year or 20,000-mile tread guarantee.

The tire is introduced as a summer tire, but it comes with many essential technologies. This is the ultimate fact by which you can compare the Michelin Pilot Super Sport versus PS2. Most of the PS2 technologies had been derived from the company’s diverse and successful motorsport functions.

The tire is embedded with different techniques, including formula 1, WRC, and MotoGP. Moreover, those technologies also consisted of VCP, dual compounding and dissimilar tread schemes. Actually, the VCP works to stretch the tire sizes rather than decrease them under the lateral load. That means the harder you push the tire; the rubbery grip gets more pressure inside the pavement.

With the Use of Michelin’s proprietary C3M Technology, anyone can get different commodities to be laid side by side. Overall, the tire is suitable for indulging with an engineer-made softer compound on the outside of the tire to ensure dry and wet traction.

PS2 Losses

So now it’s time to go beyond to discuss some of this Pilot Supersport bad sides. All of the electrical equipment has some good and bad impacts. We only found three bad advantages about these tires.

At first told you that this pilot sp2 has 20,000 mileage tread life, which is awesome. But if we compared this to the other tires, it’s really too little. Again, if someone expects to get spirited driving and looking to buy a set of tires, it may not be a good choice. The tire rack may wear off or get destroyed after running a few miles more than the manufacturer assist. However, the wheels tread life often rely on the habits and performance of the driver for high profile tire like this.

The tire isn’t much comfortable, even manifestation with high profile handlings and tread grips. During the time of riding, you may not ensure how often it may run off or not wear off. Again, the tire does not pretend to go on long mileage trips.

The tire only has all the features that a summer tire can afford. So here, you won’t get any expected performance if it is heavy snowfall outside. Even the tire can get stuck or deflate for sudden temperature fall.

Final Verdict – Winner

We decided the Michelin Pilot Super Sport to be the winner for extended treadwear warranty among Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS PS2. Micheline Pilot Super Sport gives you a 30,000 mileage treadwear warranty. In comparison, PS2 has a 10× less treadwear warranty. So if you want to spend a good amount of cash to buy anything exceptional, then Michelin pilot sport is suitable for you.

Again Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 has been around for a while, along with some newer versions than the pilot sport. So the people who want something at the lowest price must have gone with this. Hence, it is a great tool, around $200 comprising the overall size and vendors.

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