What Does 104T, 105T, 106T, 108t,108H, and 109s Mean On Tires

If you have a car, odds are you’ve been curious about the numbers on your tire. After all, they hold some sort of magic for most of us. In general, most people don’t really think about their tires until they have a problem. When you do have a problem, the numbers on your tire can mean a lot.

Even though the numbers on your tire may seem like gibberish, they actually stand for important information about your tire. If your car has a number on the back of your tire, it’s time to learn what it means. So, what does 104T, 105T, 106T, 108T, and 108H mean on tires?

Numbers on a tire can indicate the tread depth, tire pressure, and other information about the tire. Tire manufacturers use different symbols to represent these numbers, so it can be hard to understand what they mean. This article will explain each symbol and what it means.

What Does Each Number Mean On A Tire?

Auto tires come in a variety of sizes, with numbers and letters that indicate their width and type. For instance, a tire marked “LT” is a narrower tire meant for light trucks, while a “P” indicates a passenger-car tire.

The letters and numbers on tires also change with each make and model of the car. So if you’re looking to buy new tires, it’s important to know what the specific requirements are for your vehicle.

However, tire manufacturers use different letters and numbers on their tires to identify the tire’s size, construction, and load capacity as well. The most common tire sizes are Standard, Double-Duty, and Triple-Duty.

When you buy a new car, the dealer will most likely give you a set of inflated tires. They’ll also give you a pamphlet that tells you what each number and letter on the tire means. Here’s a look at what each number and letter on an automobile tire can mean:

  1. The first number is the size of the tire in inches.
  2. The second number is the width of the tire in inches.
  3. The third number is the height of the tire in inches.
  4. The fourth number is the load capacity of the tire in pounds.
  5. The fifth letter is an indicator between the front and rear tires, which tells you if your car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

What Does 104T Mean On Tires?

104 T stands for the ‘Load Index’ and ‘Speed Rating’ on automobile tires. The ‘Load Index’ is the maximum load your vehicle can carry on a listed tire, at its maximum speed rating.

For example, load index 104 would indicate that the maximum load the tire could carry was 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms). The ‘Speed Rating’ is the maximum speed your vehicle can travel at while loaded with that load. When you see 104T on your tire, this means you can drive the car at 118MPH safely with that much weight. The speed rating is usually listed on a sticker on the back of the tire, but not always.

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What Does 105T Mean On Tires?

If you notice 105T on your tires, that means your tires have a load capacity of 2039 pounds for each tire. Whilst, the letter “T” indicates that each tire can carry the load at a maximum of 118 MPH speed safely.

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What Does 106H Mean On Tires?

In 106T, the numbers and letters are determinants of two different aspects. Here, 106 is the load capacity, which is up to 2094 pounds for an individual tire. And the letter ‘H’ indicates that each tire can run at 130 MPH(190KMPH) safely with 2094 Pounds of load.

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What Does 107S Mean On Tires?

When you see 107S on your tire, that means this tire has a load capacity of 2149 Pounds. And, the letter ‘S’ conjugated with 107 signifies speed rating. This indicates at a maximum of 112MPH speed this tire can run safely with that much load.

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What Does 108H Mean On Tires?

For an individual tire, the 108H rating means that the tire can bear up to 2205 Pounds of load and is able to run safely at a maximum of 130MPH speed.

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What Does 109S Mean On Tires?

Here the number 109 refers to the load index number that indicates this tire can take a load up to 2271 pounds. Whilst the letter S denotes the speed rating that signifies the maximum speed at which this weight can be held safely, in this case, the top speed is 112MPH.

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What Does T and H Mean On Tires?

If you’re a car owner or a mechanic, it is a good idea that you understand tire sidewall information. Part of the tire information, you should find out includes numbers or letters that stand for numbers or letters. It connects us to our main topic, what does actually by T or H on tires?

What Does T Mean On Tires?

This letter is most commonly found on passenger vehicles and light truck wheels, and it indicates that a recommended tire can accommodate speeds of up to 190 kilometers per hour or 118 miles per hour.

If you refer to the speed rating chart for tires, you see that the horizontal lines at the top are standardized, and they indicate speeds fit for most small vehicles. It is sturdy, and it can tow heavy loads on uneven terrain.

What Does H Mean On Tires?

As already mentioned, the letter H specifies the speed rating for a tire. The tire with the speed rating of H is legally faster than one labeled with the letter T in regulations that allow speeds of 130 mph or up to 210 km/h.

You will find tires marked H on the side of sedans, SUVs, and crossover sport utility vehicles, and they denote vehicles with high horsepower. You will also see H tires alongside luxury vehicles.

Automotive writers acclaim high-performance automobile tires at H due to their low-speed assistance. These tires are good for amateur racing or beginner stages because of their low high-speed capability.