Toyo open country AT3 VS BFG KO2 – Which is better Compared

There is no doubt that vehicle performance relies on their tires. Because this is the only weapon that works to smooth the riding performances, it is high time that we’re using the Toyota open country AT3. But now we have a genuine challenger that is called BFG KO2. Comparatively, both of them are unique and high-end.

Yet, some folk often decide to go with Toyota open country for their lighter weight, E ratings, and crafted sidewalls. Again, some dislike it for harsh riding. On the contrary, BFG KO2 is better for every type of off-road application, which is not available in an open country.

So here we defeat Toyo open country AT3 VS BFG KO2 road truckers to find the best one for your vehicles. Until then, stay with us from now on.

Toyo Open Country AT3 VS BFG KO2

Toyo open country AT3 VS BFG KO2

Here we discuss the direct comparison between Toyo open country AT3 VS bf good rich all-terrain KO2.

After that, we will go through the vivid feature analysis of these two road trackers.

FeaturesToyo open country AT3BFG KO2
Off-road performanceGoodAverage
Comfortable GoodMedium
On-road reviewGoodAverage, higher than AT3
Treadwear warranty65,000 miles50,000 miles
Overall Ratings4.54.6
Snow & Ice performanceAverageGood
Pros✔️It has Great wet, snow, and dry on-road traction.
✔️Have a comfortable ride.
✔️Provide Long tread life.
✔️Constructed with cornering stability
✔️It comes with an Off-road grip
✔️Solid Grip
✔️Higher Stability
✔️Off-Road Capabilities
✔️Visually Appealing
✔️No real weaknesses
✔️Tread Life
Cons❌ New tire, so it hasn’t been tested a ton
❌ More expensive
❌ They have a reputation for being noisy

Comparison of BFGoodrich KO2 VS Toyo Open Country

We demolished these two brands of BFGoodrich ko2 VS Toyo open country AT3 according to their fuel economy and comfortable sites, both off-road and on-road performance. Each product is better than the other if you think only of their quality.

But any comparative analysis will help you decide the best one, as we used to do while buying any pair of shoes in the shop. All boots are good like every brand is well for your vehicles. Yet, finding the best one will prolong both your reliability and your satisfaction level.

Comfortable sites & noise level

The vehicle with continuous cracking sound isn’t expected of us. In that case, we are looking to buy anything extra that has good, comfortable sites and keeps the driving atmosphere quiet and calm. Again, it is worth mentioning that you won’t be able to find absolute noise-free tires asap.

  • About Toyo Open Country AT3

To think only of this feature, we must say Toyo Open Country AT3 is the winner. As though the tool comes with many beneficial features that make it more and more exceptional. It offers both comfortable riding and less noisy sounds. You may understand it makes noise, but not destroy your monotony with its constant road noise. Again, AT3 comes with smaller tread blocks that minimize the noise level to a sustainable level even if it gets too large.

Overall, the AT3 tire is well to maintain good traction while running on and off the roadway. The unique tread block rigidity with this works to increase its stability power. Therefore, this tool is designed to provide you with a smooth ride inside the car.

  • About BFG KO2

On the contrary, BFG KO2 may come with less compatibility than AT3. But you can’t underestimate its excellent directional stability and outstanding steering feedback. Those features allow it to ride on the way more comfortably despite having the only ability to roar on-road performances.

These tires are also left far behind, which helps to suppress the noise level. Ultimately, unlike those brands, extreme noiseless tires aren’t available on the market. It will make some noise as you’re dragging the whole body of the vehicle by this.

Treadwear Warranty

Tread wear warranty dignifies the mileage of the tire. It will measure how many miles the tire can cover up without wearing out. We have already mentioned this in our above comparison table. You may get a little idea about which one should be best about this and vice versa. Therefore, let us get a clear concept of this.

  • About Toyo AT3

Toyota AT3 has 65,000 miles for tread wear warranty. For this, you can rely on AT3 in quest of getting extended mileage and extraordinary performance. Undoubtedly, 65,000 miles are enough to go on any extended trip without the hassle of wearing out the wheels frequently. Yet here, you must not skip the essential facts: Toyota AT3 provides 65,000 miles tread wear warranty for P metric size. And 50,000 miles warranty for the flotation and the LT sizes. Of course, Toyo open country had too many positive reviews only for its on-road reviews.

  • About BFG KO2

When it comes to the brand of BFG, KO2 does not cover the maximum mileage as the AT3 can. But it might be an excellent option to buy while you need to compromise your budget. With 50,000 miles tread wear warranty, BFG implies better safety for any sort of extended trip to the midst. It also exemplifies Goodyear duratracs.

Off-Road Performances

It seems to be worse if the tire doesn’t have all-terrain quality. Perhaps, your vehicle tire won’t move or run on the rough surface without this.

  • About Toyo AT3

Toyota AT3 tires have good compact designs, and the sidewall architecture is well-constructed for taking the load. Most importantly, it has superior grips, supportive tread blocks, and broader grooves. So the AT3 is much more trustworthy not to get stuck on the wet and filthy road.

  • About BFG KO2

BFG KO2 is also a prominent tire but not as worthy as the AT3. However, the tire didn’t fall off on the rough and rugged road. You might not get better safety, even if it intrigues with wide, spacious wheels and facile tread blocks. The tire is only suitable for performing in off-road categories.

Ice & Snow Performance

If you’re the rugged tracker who has to pull out the vehicle on snowy and harsh roads regularly, the best spinning tire may be the priority. This type of trouble is the regular companion of the native who belongs to the cold and wet climate region.

  • About BFGoodrich KO2

By considering some powerful features, BFG KO2 stands tall compared to AT3. KO2 has a great snowflake and mounting rating around its sidewalls. It comes with lofty traits including a wavy grip serrated shoulder design. All of these make it humble to trash the heavy iceberg quickly. It won’t get cracked, even damaged by the heavy loads of snow. But that’s not all; the KO2 is inherited with 3D spinning technology for extending its traction against the snow.

  • About Toyo AT3

In all of this, At3 has smaller tread blocks rather than KO2. Although, At3 is different from reacting to the snowy road. The square tread edges that come with this are intended to bite and give efficient grips over cold surfaces.

In addition, the tire comes with 3-peak mountain snowflake traits. The tire can lessen the struggles to drive on the snow peak roads. To its user, it is called after the Falken wild peak AT3W snow cruiser.

Tread Appearances

Both of the treads come with black appearances. Their dragon look thread skulls on all sidewalls proved that they’re made to only roar on the floor. Let us first talk about the AT3.

  • About Toyo AT3

As you can see, the Toyo AT3 center section is interlocked in an S-shape. The tires can improve their traction in dry weather and off-road conditions. Additionally, this tread’s larger lugs provided excellent wet traction. What’s more, At3 folded with a cheaper shoulder design. However, these are highly appreciated to overcome the lesion of wet and snow roads.

  • About BFGoodrich KO2

The tread has C-shaped interlock sections that indicate its lug size isn’t too long. That’s why the tire is only suitable for off-road traction. Most importantly, the uneven drag over its body may cause irregular noise and wear. But we love its shoulder designs. The exceptional ergonomic crafts will surely improve your movement capability to defeat the thick off-road surfaces. It also saves you from cranky side impacts. The tool is likely to be a masterclass mania towards its user that we came to know through different forums.

Fuel Efficiency

Toyo Open Country At3 is a lighter tire compared to the second tire. The weight difference here brings a big impurity that may vary up to 3lbs-10lbs, depending on size.

Hence, the BFG KO2 is neither too reliable nor efficient like the At3. Anyway, for extra mileage, we suggest you go with At3.


Both of those treads have excellent durability. In that case, the proverb, don’t judge the book by its cover, is much beyond this. So here durability means we want to demolish something like,

  • Do not get folded under low pressure
  • Having an extra protected rim and sidewall
  • Solid material base sidewalls

In this issue, AT3 has promised to give better durability to those engaged in sky-high technologies. Compared to Open country AT3, BFGoodrich KO2 is less durable, which might not be affected significantly.

Rock & Gravel Performance

In short, rock and gravel performance will prove the fact on which tire you must rely on. If the pathway is full of rocks and boulders, the tire may leak, usually. Yet it is true that different tires react differently and all rely on their features.

However, we have only one conqueror for this section. The BFGoodrich KO2 beat the Toyo open Country AT3 here. This is because it has a muscular shoulder that greatly extends the sidewall’s durability. Again, the tread enables air riding and is associated with stone ejecting capabilities. Later on, Toyo Country AT3 is good but not as much as BFG KO2.

Sand Performance

It is pretty different from other features but a crucial one. Hence, BFG KO2’s are better while performing on muddy and sandy roads. Although KO2 is only suitable for off-road performance, we didn’t lose hope with this. Again, its only competitor, AT3, won’t fail here, too, even when BGF is a true fighter and champ.


No more hunky punky when buying any necessary electronic gadget like this. Yes, we always wander to purchase the product according to our budget, but luck didn’t always favor us. Check affordable deals.

So, Which One To Buy?

The Toyo At3 remained at a price around $139-$200. The total price range is not too expensive compared to its competitor BFG KO2. While considering its quality, all sorts of characteristics, and traits, the starting price is lenient on your pockets.

Again, Bfgood rich all-terrain KO2 is a little expensive and may go against your budget. The starting price of this product is about $256-300. We think people who don’t want to compromise their driving qualities must switch to the expensive one. After all, if you think about its snowflake ratings on the sidewalls, its price isn’t too high.

Lastly, to analyze your draft about Toyo open country AT3 VS BFG KO2, make your purchase experience flexible. Obviously, each one is better than if they compromised their overall traits and prominences.

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