Thunderer Ranger ATR Review

Overall Performance

Worldwide Thunderer tires are handed out through authorized resellers by American Omni Company. Ranger ATR aggressive all-terrain tires of Thunderer’s next generation come to start your adventure. It also comes with solid 3D shipping technology and formal interior blocks. This Ranger ATR gives unconquerable dry and wet surfaces with these fantastic features.

Also, it can run snow, ice, and mud with comfort. Most importantly, it can carry 50,000-mile narrow treadwear protection. They offer 23/365 free replacement limited replacement for every tire size. If you are searching for the ultimate all-terrain tire, this Thunderer Ranger ATR is the best.

Thunderer Ranger ATR Compared to The Best Car Tires


Huston, Texas’s Thunderer Ranger Tires manufacturer, is one of the most famous tires. This company sells tires for light trucks, passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, and they make their tires at a plant in Thailand. From other best tires, this tire is exceptional.

We love these tires because they fall down the Ranger sub-truck with a particular focus on SUVs, crossover, and light trucks. On the other hand, passenger cars tires fall down the Mach sub-brand.

Most people love this tire because the Ranger SUV is under the Ranger. Mainly, they are best to use recent crossovers and SUVs on the road. Besides, this Ranger ATR is an essential multi-purpose all-terrain tire.

Moreover, this tire’s higher focus offers off-road performance at a wide range on on-road civility and tread life. So, with this tire, you can run your car on mud-terrain with comfort and without confusion. The Trac Grip MT Brand comes to offer outstanding performance on any surface.

Plus, Thunderer also provides most of the tires-free replacement Policy for the first 60 months. In contrast, many other brands give a similar warranty for the first year. For this reason, this Thunderer tire is best than other tires.

Specifications And Key Features:

The following features and specifications of Thunderer Ranger are below.

Features Details
Load RangeSL
Tread Depth13/32
Section Width265
ModelRanger A/TR
Rim Diameter16
SeasonAll Season
Aspect Ratio70
PerformanceAll Terrain
Overall Diameter30.6
Treadlife50,000 miles
Run FlatNo
Stud TypeStuddable
Load Index112

Price Comparison:

Available at 3 shops | Official Retail Price: $209.99

Amazon $$$Buy Now 🛒
SimpleTire -$131.96Buy Now 🛒 -$165.99Buy Now 🛒
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Who Is Thunderer Ranger ATR Best For?

Thunderer Ranger ATR is best for portable trucks and USV like Lightweight truck tires can carry heavier weight and many more to tow. Yet, this product comes to offer 45,000 miles manufacturer’s tread life warranty.

  • Ford-150, Ram 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Ford Mustang GT, Fusion, Focus, Explorer, Contour
  • Honda Civic, CRZ
  • Hyundai Sonata, Veloster
  • Jaguar XKR, XK8
  • Lexus GS350, GS430, IS300, LS460L
  • Lincoln LS
  • Mazda3, RX-8, Miata
  • Mercedes-Benz E550, SL55, SL500, SLK320, CLK430

Thunderer Ranger ATR: The Good and Bad Side

Usually, every product has a good and bad side. And, that’s why people want to take the aspect for their essential works. Nevertheless, we will discuss the Thunderer Ranger Tires’ good and bad sides in detail.

Good Side

All-Season Traction:

Using these tires’ first benefit is that Thunderer tires are all-season and all-terrain tires manufactured for portable and USVs trucks. These tires offer a 45000-mile a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty with light trucks and SUVs.

All-terrain Traction:

All-terrain tires ensure you with an attacking footprint. In addition, this component helps the model to expand the loose, soft and uneven terrain grip. Also, this element delivers maximum off and on-road terrain traction.

Even so, this footprint gives the surety of this tire’s forward movement at all times. Correspondingly, the tread will help you to clean the print. It’s because they remove snow and mud between the tread components. As a result, moisture and dirt cannot block the texture’s contact.

Increased Controllability:

Adequately, these tires optimize their controllability. In particular, the solidified footprint ensures you the surface contact while the tires are in movement and increase the driving stability. Due to this, this tire can securely upgrade the steering accuracy and times of the driver’s commands.

Longer Lasting Tread Life:

Thunderer Ranger ATR Review

Well, this Ranger ATR promotes its utilization ability. Without a doubt, the durable footprint and firm mixture struggle to increase the service life.

Generally, its wear-resistance features keep the rubber flexible during the drive and lower the tread wear fee. The solid tread component ensures the circulation pressure and reduces irregular wear.

Bad Side

Nothing can have only good things. So thunderer ranger ATR has some bad side. Let’s know what these are:

Quite Heavy Weight

These Thunderer Ranger tires are quite heavy without many pros or good sides. Though this tires something serious, it gives the best performance on all-terrain surfaces. Likewise, if you cannot like heavy tires, you can avoid them. But if you want to best budget tires, you can choose this without any hesitation.

Sizes of Thunderer Ranger ATR Tires

SUV sizes
15″ Rims: 235/75R15 – 105S

16″ Rims:
225/70R16 – 103S
235/70R16 – 106S
245/70R16 – 107S
245/75R17 – 111S

17″ Rims:
245/65R17 – 107S
245/70R17 – 110S
265/70R17 – 1155

18″ Rims:
235/55R18 – 100T
235/60R18 – 107T
235/65R18 – 106T
245/60R18 – 105T
255/55R18 – 105H
255/70R18 – 1125


Who makes the Thunderer Ranger tire?

Thunderer Ranger tires are 100% built-in in Nakom Pathom Province, Thailand, in 2007 and run by a tire specialists group.

What does ATR stand for in tires?

All terrain-tire comes for SUVs and pickups and are suitable for off-road light-duty and on-road conditions.

Overall Thoughts

In summary, before buying a tire, you should know what is (O.E.)? Ok, the (O.E.) is the size of the original tire. This O.E. size is fixed by the model, year, and opinion. Tire size is an essential aspect of buying, and it cannot change. Undoubtedly, it’s the responsibility of drivers to know which size is suitable for the vehicle.

Nonetheless, these tires will be best for any vehicle, and you need to check your mounted tire’s size to ensure it. Finally, we are trying to give the proper reviews of Thunderer Ranger ATR tires.
From these reviews, we hope you know these all-terrain 3 out of 5-star rating reviewed tires are best for portable trucks and SUVs. So, let’s purchase your favorite vehicles and enjoy the excellent performance.

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