Best 35×12 50r20 Tires

Are you looking for 35×12 50r20 size tires, which give you the best performance? Well, we have analyzed more than 50+ tires and pick Top 7 tires.

Finding the specific one is really tough. This is why we reviewed here the best and specific tires from the tons of 35×12 50r20. So keep reading. Otherwise, you will buy the wrong tire.

Comparison Table

Image Product Mileage Price
backpac Cooper Evolution M/T 121Q 40,000 miles Check Price
backpac Nitto Trail Grappler M/T 3 60,000 miles Check Price
cordlessblower AMERICUS Rugged M/T 55,000 miles Check Price
cordlessblower KANATI MUD HOG M/T 54,000 miles Check Price
cordlessblower Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 50,000 miles Check Price
cordlessblower Grabber A/TX Off-Road Tire 50,000 miles Check Price
cordlessblower Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT Tires 42,800 miles Check Price

Best 35×12 50r20 Tires Reviews

Let us see some of the best 35×12 50r20 tires reviews that we collected based on their special features, pros, and cons.

#1 – Cooper Evolution M/T 121Q All-Season Tire – Best for Daily Drive

Best 35x12 50r20 Tires

Our first and foremost tire is this 35-inches best driving tire for those who want to save their money. Cooper’s evolution is so reasonable, so you can figure it was worth the gamble.

Moreover, the tire has a very aggressive look and feel. Again, those tires are significantly less noisy than similarly aggressive M/T’s. When it comes to the highway speeds (60-80 mph), they perform too dare, we must say. It is better than the stock tires that came on our Wrangler JKU sports S.

Cooper has very taller sidewalls that make the ride a bit smoother; the rigidness allows it for great coming. As for off-road, there is no problem navigating the muddy trails or creeks. Those tires have great compatibility to traverse the rocks, small boulders, and climb over logs and other obstacles. Overall, those tires perform great in critical weather, even onto the snowy road.

  • Affordable
  • Rides great and quite
  • Easy to mount
  • The tire load indexing only 121

#2 – Nitto Trail Grappler M/T – Best 35×12.50R20 Snow Tires

Best 35x12 50r20 Tires

The set of Nitto Trail Grappler M/T is unbelievable, and they were rotated very swiftly. Nitto is good to buy for having validated over 85,000 miles.

One of the crucial parts of this tire is the 3-ply sidewall. Those kinds of the sidewall has a very high turn-up construction to act as an extra layer of reinforcement.

Not only this, the Nitto trail comes with advanced sound analysis equipment that has been used to systematically reduce the noise. In a word, Nitto’s proprietary is well-constructed with an automated manufacturing system that contributes extraordinary uniform tires. They also create smooth rides on paved roads.

  • constructed with 3-ply sidewalls
  • Well-engineered with a balance void ratio for efficiently removing mud and dirt
  • Quiet & aggressive tire
  • There are zero siping, most likely skates in hardpack snow

#3 – AMERICUS Rugged M/T – Best 35 Tires for Snow and Ice

Best 35x12 50r20 Tires

The Americus rugged M/T is a good and longest-lasting 35-inch tire. The tire is manufactured as light trucks, great for off-road performance. The thread designation is large, comes with staggered tread blocks, and consists of wide grooves.

The most prominent part is Americus rugged, built with an open shoulder pattern for working together to ensure first-rate performance. The tire is so soft and has a loose terrain surface for great performance. All in all, it will provide both three weather traction, including dry, wet, and winter, to improve gripping off-road ability.

There you no need to worry about driving in mud, slush, and rocks. It’s because the tire has wide grooves with special tread elements to wash away all this dirt and filthiness. This tire also delivers the benefits of constant road security and guarantees for an implied safe driving experience.

  • Best for a drive on harsh road
  • All-season type terrain tires
  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Not suitable for regular highway driving

#4 – KANATI MUD HOG M/T – Best Overall


The HOG M/T 35X12.50R20LT is the best swivel and all-terrain mud tire. This M/T 35×12.50R20 tire is made for light pick-up drivers and SUVs user for enjoying superior off-road performance. It’s really dependable on-road manners.

This tire had a more puncture resistance, and the tread compatibility was molded into an aggressive tread pattern. It comes with high-profile lugs and excellent shoulders. Besides, the kanati mud has exceptional voids, contributing to extending on-road traction in mud, clay, sand, as well as into gravel. That means the tire has a higher ability to cope with difficult areas and performs well.

On the other hand, the added siping around the tread contributes to giving this tire extra traction on the hardpack. This is the best 35×12.50r20 all-terrain tire.

  • It has excellent off-road traction
  • Having self cleanse functions
  • Quieter than other sorts of mud tires
  • The tire would like to see added sizes.

#5 – Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tires – Best for All Season

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper discoverer pro comes with comp wheels, and so far, they are great. The tire pressure is great compared to Toyo 35×12.50r20 all-terrain tires when playing around and has a maximum rating of 35. The tire has a luxurious pressure of about 28-30 PSI which is well enough to get more even wear.

Those tires make a little bit of noise on the road, but it’s not as bad as other tires. The tread is softer than anyone expected, but it can fit best on any lighter vehicle. One of the worthy things is the space between the center tread pattern is very close to the mud. Again, the center tread pattern looks a little more normal.

Besides, the tire performs great on both cold and snowy muds. The tire comes with a well-suited design that helps to prevent stone retention.

  • All season type off-road traction tire
  • Having a standard limited warranty
  • It has armor Tek-3 construction for added tire durability
  • Those tires are struggling in the rain on the blacktop

#6 – Grabber A/TX Off-Road Tire

Best 35x12 50r20 Tires

This Grabber A/TX off-road tire is good as an all-terrain tire and suitable for both on and off-road. Actually, the tire gives confidence to the driver to traction in a variety of conditions.

Again the road, which is on the pavement in the dirt, wet conditions, and even in light snow, acts like a beast. The gabber had an exclusive design to tend with rugged durability and on-road civility. In addition, the tire provides light snow traction to meet the tire industry’s severe snow services.

Wait, it has general comfort balance technology to absorb layers under the tread and acoustic tread pattern. This function’s aim is to enhance the ride sound comfort and provide a wide footprint and optimized pattern stiffness to spread even pressure. Sidewall protection lugs are well-engineered to protect from sidewall punctures.

  • having ultra high strength steel belts
  • it has a compatible robust
  • manufactured with a two-ply polyester casing to balance
  • It doesn’t match the compatibility of a true winter season.

#7 – Achilles Desert Hawk MT Tires – Best Tires for highway

Best 35x12 50r20 Tires

The Achilles Desert Hawk is available with ideal functions to resist as an off-road mud tire. The tire is specifically made for competing on ultimate off-road performance. It has superior traction durability to run smoothly over harsh and complicated roads.

Again, this X-MT rubber tire is well-engineered with a critical tread pattern, also with biting side blocks that implicit excellent traction while anyone into the toughest riding. Plus, the tire enhances your driving performance, and even further, it has wide open voids between massive central blocks.

This tire is also to providing state-of-the-art tires for all consumers. Again, the authority had used here rival world-class competitor type functionality to innovate new adventures.

  • The tire has X-protection sidewalls to enhance resistance against damages.
  • It has an aggressive read pattern for superior grip performance.
  • The tire has a 3-steps block for enhanced traction.
  • The tire has 3.8% noise resistance.

Final Verdict

The best 35×12 50r20 tires are good for running your vehicle in a proper way. It is really tough to find the suitable one for your vehicle and install them adequately. But the good news is our reviewed tires not only guide you to choose the right one but also give you hints on what you must need to be focused on.

Lastly, some of our above tires have really unique features that can compete with any of the vehicles. All-season terrain tires give you comfort, no matter wherever you’re going out for driving or traveling.

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