Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3 – What’s The Longer Lasting Tires?

This Two brands can help to provide a safe journey on adventurous off-road. We are talking about the Mastercraft Axt Vs. Cooper AT3 tires are the most popular tires in the market. Obviously, both are great tires, but they come with some particular factors that you should consider before picking the one. We will discuss both of these tires intensely.

Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3: Which is better?

Both tires are best, but they come with different key features. That’s why you need to think before buying the tire. We are trying to give helpful information below. So, to know which one is best for your Vehicle.

The Mastercraft Axt is a tire that can fulfill all your purposes. It works well on both on-road and off-road. It comes with a great design to deliver proper traction in bad weather on a soft floor. Due to its excellent treads, it can have long-lasting performance with good wear in all weather situations.

In contrast, The Discover AT3 is a tire that allows you to tow massive loads and carry a heavyweight. With this tire, you can make a smooth ride. Without it, it also is very reliable, robust, and has excellent traction. Below we have discussed more critical features to know deeply about their difference.

Tire Type:

Mastercraft tire is an all-terrain tire that allows handling rugged off-road terrains while delivering outstanding on-road performance and handling. On the contrary, Discover AT3 is an all-season tire excellently in mud, rain, and snow.

Tire Size:

Courser AXT wheel sizes are 15-20 inches, excluding 19 inches. In contrast, the cooper tire’s wheel sizes are 15 to 20 inches, except the 19-inch one. They come in numerous different tire and rim sizes.

Warranty Mileage:

The warranty of Mastercraft AXT tires is 50,000 miles, and this is for tread wear. On the other hand, the AT3 comes with 60,000 miles for road danger protection. Besides this, the AXT offers less mileage than Cooper AT3 tires.

Speed Rating:

A speed rating refers to how much pressure can tolerate the tire. For a higher speed rating tire, you should spend more money. Basically, the Cooper Discover AT3 tire has R & S at up to 112 mph speed rating, standard in most tires.

At the same time, Msgtercraft AXT comes with outstanding R, S, and T that can support more than 118mph speed. Additionally, a speed rating is changed depending on the size of the tire.

Tire Pressure:

The Mastercraft AXT has a low-cost pressure rating compared to the Discover tire. This is best to set the front tires between 44 to 65 psi. And for optimum performance, you should fix your rear tire at 50 to 55.

But the Discover AT3 tires come with many types of pressure, that’s why you must consider. Specifically, Cooper AT3 tires have 39 sizes and provide 44 psi to 50 psi inflation. Depending on the weight, you should change the rear tire too.

Load Capacity:

Particularly, Mastercraft ATX comes with an ultimate capacity of 1764 lbs. Load capacity means the amount of the tire that can support without damage. Comparatively, Cooper tires have many load capacities. But its maximum load capacity size is 1709 to 2833 pounds.

Compare Table Of Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3

Brands / ManufacturerMastercraftCooper
Noise levelMake undue road noiseAvoid excess road noise
FunctionalityProvides the best performance for daily riders but not best for mud roads.Best for off-road riding performance and best to use in any road any weather.
Tread Lasting Ability50,000 miles tread guarantee with five years of warranty.Up to 55,000 miles tread guarantee and five years of warranty.
Price PointInexpensiveReasonable
Vehicle TypeLight Truck/SUVCar, Truck
Tire SeasonAll-SeasonAll-Season
PerformanceAll TerrainAll Terrain
Image Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3 - What's The Longer Lasting Tires? Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3 - What's The Longer Lasting Tires?

Mastercraft Axt Wins

Mastercraft Axt tires have many advantages. Some advantages we are trying to explain below. Stay tuned:

Adequately, the Mastercraft AXT is an all-season and all-terrain tire designed for light trucks and SUVs. In particular, this feature provides excellent traction on regular on-road and off-road and highway. Plus, this tire also provides a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

With incredible off-road performance capability, it comes with a 5-rib pattern. Likewise, its aggressive buttress can increase the power of all-terrain road-gripping. As a result, these Mastercraft AXT tires can win all loose, uneven, and soft road surfaces.

In addition, this tire’s excellent off-road traction and good driving capacity provide the versatility of use. The reason is that it has the capability of on-and off-road.

The tire compound and tread design work together to provide all-weather traction. Yet, its broad zigzag notches increase weather traction on the ice-covered and snow roads. And it also can increase the water supplying capability by streaming slush and water.

Moreover, its improved hydroplaning resistance and all-weather traction help you make a safe driving experience.

AXT has an aggressive trod, but it is relatively smooth and calm for the ride. No matter how faster you can ride, you can hear the tire. Subsequently, they keep quiet around 50 MPH. They will be soft for everyday riding, and in competition, you can get a quit riding with this tire on the highway.

Without these features, they provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience. But we found no vibrations even after going at high speed. As long as you keep your tire on balance, it will work well as expected; that’s why it’s best from other brands.

Generally speaking, this tire gives a long-lasting tread life. Conversely, its tread-block stiffness enhances tread life and usability by resisting its flexing.

Mastercraft AXT Losses:

After knowing the many benefits and advantages of this tire, you should know what the losses of this tire are.

You can hear noise during your cars’ faster riding. Some users reported that this car has too much road noise. So, when you would like to ride your car in mud and snow weather, you can notice its noise. Without these issues, these tires are best for your vehicles.

Cooper AT3 Wins

Cooper At3 Tire also has many benefits and advantages. So, before picking this tire, you should know its both wins and losses. So, to know, please keep reading.

The AT3 tire is also an all-terrain tire manufactured for pickup trucks, full-size SUVs, and work vehicles. Accordingly, they provide required rugged stability to keep up with the driver’s better lifestyle. This tire is constructed to tackle gravel in the jungle and combines off-road powers with on-road comfort and long-term traction.

Reliable-tread technology together shred-resistance silica compound with its next-generation all-terrain tread pattern. Furthermore, the Wear-Arc-Technology optimizes the footprint for balanced pressure. To sum up, it also can promote tread wear and increase the handle. Specifically, the tread pattern comes to help dry traction.

Whisper notches between the outboard tread blocks can decrease the noise throughout the tire’s life. Consequently, to reduce puncture, the cleat lugs, biting edges, and alternating scoop provide a grip on thick, rock, and loose soil.

Wide and lateral grooves increase hydroplaning resistance, while in slippery situations, many zigzags sips make biting sides required for traction. Consequently, the snow notch tech utilizes saw-tooth block sides to block snow.

Notably, this tire’s internal construction consists of a solid, two-ply polyester casing. Nylon reinforcement up two high-power steel belts improves handling response and reliability by giving high-speed stability. Usually, you can also increase your driving performance with the cooper tire umbrella.

Discover brand new tire is copper AT3 tire and offers better stability than the old version. In reality, it is rated for 65,000 miles, but you can get more like almost 75,000. Keep in mind that your tire will quickly damage if your steering and suspension are not in high shape.

Cooper AT3 Tire Loses:

Above all, the Cooper tire is best for everyday highway driving, but you will be disappointed if you want challenging driving. In general, this tire build quality is not better. And, this company has not good servicing feature. Also, it is pretty expensive from other tires. Using this Cooper tire is not suitable for every country from many reliable sources.


Are Mastercraft tires better than Cooper?

Cooper made the Mastercraft, and they are a great tire. So, we have no any hesitate to recommend for anyone. In a word, if you can pick the coopers at the same price, then go for it.

What does AXT mean on the tire?

AXT means the tire is all-terrain and comes to provide light-duty pickup and SUV stronger in off-road capacity in icy weather.

Who makes Mastercraft Courses AXT?

Okay, The manufacturer of Master Courses AXT is under the Cooper Tire umbrella and has made an all-terrain tire.

Final Verdict

To conclude, this is the ultimate review of the Mastercraft Axt VS Cooper AT3 tires. Regardless, it’s accurate that both brands have reliable and excellent options to consider before buying. Honestly, the most worthy options come from Cooper AT3 tires.

Mainly, if you like both on and off-road rides, you should pick the Cooper AT3 tires. Overall, the Cooper AT3 tire has a functional delivering power, fantastic durability, and high quality so that you can invest in it.
In contrast, the Mastercraft AXT tire is best for those who prefer to design. The most important fact is that this Mastercraft AXT is quite affordable than others. Now, it’s absolutely on you to decide which tire you want to pick. Good luck!

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