Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51 – Best Vehicle Tire Compared

Kumho has been a renowned company for many years. They kept their promises and what they claimed from the very beginning. However, vehicle tires are very crucial for people who don’t want to leave the stone unturned because it is the thing that keeps your vehicle running like a chaser lion over the road.

Despite having a prestigious pride like a king, every individual gets confused to decide which one is best to buy. It is also true to have two options of similar brands like Kumho Crugen HT55 and HT51. Do you? Then we are here for you to guide you in this matter.

We have researched two familiar models of Kumho Crugen. So keep reading to know more about Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51.

Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51 – Which One is Better?

Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51

Both the Kumho Crugen HT55 and HT51 have very well-constructed body structures. The tire wheel comes with innovative quality to perform well on roads and weather. Yet, there is a very strong difference between the two, since the tire’s performance is acceptable on F150 4×4.

Comparatively, the Crugen HT55 is entirely flat and has bigger convenience for the first time when you’re going to install it on a vehicle. Kumho HT55 is also suitable for its additional traits and smoothness. But HT51 is much better for getting good size, better mileage, and strong compatibility to struggle on dry and wet roads.

Comparison Chart of Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51

Image Kumho Crugen HT51Kumho Crugen HT51
FeaturesKumho Crugen HT55Kumho Crugen HT51
Dry performance 90% 92%
Wet Performance 82% 85%
Winter / Snow 92% 85%
Off-road performance 88% 85%
Comfortness 80% 92%
Noise 90% 94%
Treadwear 95% 88%
Overall Ratings from Customer 80% 88%
Durability 80% 90%
Price valueAffordablePricey
Tread TypeHighwayAll-season
Tread depth12 inches12.5/32- inches
Rating from Customer about to meet overall expectations 3.33 4.99
Price Check Price 🏷️Check Price 🏷️

Kumho Crugen HT55 Wins

Now we discuss some Paramount factors about this Kumho Crugen HT55. Just check them below.

Having extra cutting slits in the tire treads means you are free to drive on any problematic areas like snow and ice bites. This is the newest invention to keep the struggle in mind for those guys getting fed up with driving on hard roads. Again, those slits increase the road contacts in their traditional way.

One of the sterling parts about this tire has its symmetrical 4-channel layout over the whole body. That means those tires have excellent inner and outer halves, suitable for passenger cars. Here you also find the same grooves and blocks on both sides. But you shouldn’t expect high performance from this. Practically, those are good for construction with continuous rib or independent tread blocks.

A tire with a stiff center block design has high protection against aquaplaning. They are well-built to reinforce stability, traction, and handling consistency and compliance.

The customer rating of such tires is impressive for having these unique features. They found it helpful as a 7000-mile warranty is pretty enough to fulfill anyone’s expectations.

Kumho Crugen HT55 tires are available at a meager price. Undoubtedly it will relieve you from all kinds of confusion.

Kumho Crugen HT55 Losses

Next, we plan to tour over some of the wrong impressions that we collect from the reviewers.

As advertised, this stiff rubber covering didn’t cover long mileage. It is worth it to drive on this highway experiment. There may be plenty of good things that you find behind your back. But the ultimate truth is revealed when you feel troubled to pretend it to fix the gap of 3,000 miles or above.

The tire has less durability and isn’t suitable for driving on rocky and harsh surfaces. The more considerable inconvenience you face when you’re trying to wear them on new vehicles or tires.

Unlike the Kumho Crugen HT51, you will find neither solo review blogs about this model nor the single pieces available in popular retail shops. These are the vital demerits that we thougHT about because it’s challenging to find out the performance of most people who don’t give feedback about any products.

Kumho Crugen HT51 Wins

This is time to disclose the good part about our second antagonist, HT51. Let’s have a look.

The Kumho HT51 has a qualifying trait of being all-weather based on the designation. The rep that adjusts with this indicates that the rubber compound will stay more flexible at lower temperatures. Again, the 3D, zigzag sips provide you with an extra bite. The tire rep also eludes that the sips are full depth, not disappearing as if the tread wears off.

Subjectively speaking, those tires do feel more pliable than other tires. We find those tires more appealing as we notice it has a highly functional design. Almost the tire looks like a truck tire except to look overly aggressive.

Most importantly, this kind of all-season tire didn’t have uninterrupted circumferential tread ribs. This is compromised as an individual block has ribs that provide an extra biting edge.

Kumho HT51 is most famous for its two valuable acts. Like a popular dramatist, you feel much pleasure driving with this in hot and cold weather. The tires can perform admirably on wet and harsh roads. It’s only possible due to the 3D-designed pavements with super water absorption compatibility.

Unlike its twin brother, the HT55, this crugen51 won’t disappoint you. The HT51 is specially made to provide efficient and robust mileage, even on highways. The extended speed of this gear enhances durability and stability too.

When you’re sitting behind your car to drive, the one thing that won’t compromise is comfort. So driving with HT51 gives you the feeling that you’re driving on the couch. It didn’t stop to give you advocacy even when the car speed was agitated by rough expansion. Besides, the tires seem more than the cars whenever you see them in the lane.

It’s proven to give you minor disturbance during the riding period. We find too much positive feedback in these terms. HT51 is surprisingly good for perambulating on rugged terrain and city streets. Meanwhile, those also happened for the tires’ super grade plastic erection.

Also, they’re adjusted with the integrated sound mold that can be rotated or pulled in or out. For this, Crugen HT51 becomes noiseless. Ultimately, you’ll be amazed by the features.

Kumho Crugen HT51 has a long, extended life. Yet it’s not able to go more than 45,000-75,000 miles at a time. But it’s not too bad at all.

Kumho Crugen HT51 Losses

In our last conversation, this is the thing that lets you come to a decision. HT51 is very popular, but we find some terrible sites here too.

If the road gets too muddy or wet, you don’t handle the vehicle on balance. It’s complicated to handle the tire at this time.

The tire didn’t give a long-lasting braking distance during riding or running on highway roads. So it isn’t good for you to travel with this one to avoid inconvenience incidents.

Although it has multiple benefits and ensures driving accuracy, this tire does not have an excellent correlation between beating as an off-road performer.

HT51 didn’t give you much comfort whenever you’re in a good mood, driving on to the heavy snowfall. It may get stuck in the middle of the road or get frigid out. So you may feel tormented to drive your more extended truck or car at that time.

Very few users track down one major defect: the steering. The steering of this tire is neither responsive nor direct. It also didn’t settle down rapidly once you hit the bump.

Which One Will Be The Winner?

To sum up, we decided to stay neutral to declare the winner between Kumho Crugen HT55 VS HT51. As we have already mentioned, the HT55 has similar features, unlike the other Kumho Kruger, but they are too short in-store. Reliability and usability are interlinked with each other. In that case, picking the HT55 migHT be a little risky for you because of fewer customer reviews and availability. But those tires are also good.

Anyway, our winner is Kumho Crugen HT51. It’s because of their high mileage coverage, too much positive feedback, and all-season compatibility. Although HT51 has some demerits, it’s good to part didn’t ascend any destructive impacts for this. Besides, if you don’t have any higher expectations, it’s better to go for HT51.

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