Vercelli Strada II Review

Vercelli Strada II Review
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Don’t look further if you find a tire that provides reliable performance within your budget. We will introduce you to the best tire on our Vercelli Strada II review.

The Thailand manufacturer has created Vercelli Strada ii tires and distributed and owned by American Omni Tires situated in Katy, Texas. Their other tires brands are Americus, Venezia, Deestone, Thunderer, and Crop Max.

Vercelli tires are impartially new in the American market and have developed affordable tires. Also, they provide outstanding performance of Vercelli STRADA Tier 1 and Tier 2. However, this Vercelli Strada 2 is a premium tire and comes with all-season abilities.

Vercelli Strada II Review Compared to The Best Car Tire

Vercelli Strada II Review

Vercelli Strada II is a low price and quality performance tire. That’s why considering this tire for your car can be the best idea. Surprisingly, this tire’s excellent handling provides the highest ride quality at highway speed. These tires offer extra reliability and high-speed ability than continental Conti tires. The STRADA II has unique features that are a twin-type center rib model.

These unique features deliver you sure-footed braking and high-speed durability. Its unique tread design gives clam drive and enough handing confidence. In the rain, they always provide better traction. Moreover, the “V” formed pattern tire optimizes additional precise handling and clam drive.

Overall, this STRADA II has developed to offer more accurate rides than the old generation. This high-performance 16″ to 22″ size tire is also best for new and old passenger vehicles. It is mainly an M+S rated tire that can offer great driving in slush and snow road conditions.

These tire notches can decrease noise to provide a calm and comfortable driving experience without it. That’s why this STRADA II tire is better than Vercelli’s other version and another brand’s tire.

Vercelli STRADA II Chart

To know better about this tire, we will give some critical Vercelli STRADA II specs and key features below. We have included all essential and short information about this STRADA II tire on this chart.

Name Of TiresVercelli
ManufacturerAmerican Omni
Item Weight‎26 pounds
Season TypeAll-season
Car TypePassenger

Who is Vercelli Strada ii Review Best For?

We give some well-known vehicles list that fits with this Vercelli STRADA II tires depending on their Year below. But, on this list, we do not cover all of the vehicles that this tire can fit:

Vercelli Strada ii Review: The Good side and Bad side

We always know that if any product comes with a good side, it also has a slight bad side. But in any product, the good side is more than the bad side.

The Good Side

After looking at many Vercelli popular tire models reviews, we have explored some good sides of this STRADA II tire. So, to know about this tire’s good side, please, keep reading.

Strada 2 tire is an all-season tire designed for passenger cars. Nonetheless, it enhances outstanding traction in all weather. Subsequently, its tread model can save the tire from road contact. Consequently, it boosts the wet, winter, and dry weather road catching power. In particular, the board ranges of notches help to prevent hydroplaning.

They mainly contain this hydroplaning by slush and dissolving water under the tire’s footprint. Furthermore, increased all-weather traction and good hydroplaning stop work together to provide a protected driving experience.

Usually, its directional tread model helps to increase the tire’s high-speed performance. The durable cage center also helps enhance the tire’s controllability. Besides this, it can improve the responsiveness of steering and tire durability.

Similarly, it can secure this tire against affecting driving pressure in all weather. Likewise, it can beautifully respond to the driver’s commands to enhance the steering answer time. Additionally, its super controllability permits you to control the car confidently at all times.

Always Vercelli Strada II provides a comfortable and excellent driving experience. Tread patterns grooves channel of this tire lowers the sound waves that make on tire footprint. In this way, there is no road and foot noise during your ride. For that reason, you can have an enjoyable driving experience with this tire.

On the other hand, value is the biggest pro. The popular Vercelli II tire in 245/45/20 comes in under $ 100. Accordingly, you can compare this tire with the Goodyear Eagle RSS for $282, Continental Extreme Contracts for $215 and more. Literally, this tire comes at half price. The Vercelli tire is made in Thailand and offers the best performance with a warranty.

The Bad Side

After checking thousands of Vercelli tires reviewed, we knew that this tire became noisier and harder after running a thousand miles. Additionally, in many reviews discussed, they will damage quickly if you do not perfectly maintain them with proper rotations and pressure.

The Original Tires Price Comparison:
Available at 2 shops | Official Retail Price: $$$

Vercelli STRADA II Tire Sizes

15″ Rims

  • 235/75R15 – 1035

16″ Rims

  • 225/70R16 – 1035
  • 235/70R16 – 1065
  • 245/70R16 – 1075
  • 245/75R16 – 1115

17″ Rims

  • 245/65R17 -1075
  • 245/70R17 – 1155
  • 265/70R17 – 1135

18″ Rims

  • 235/55R18 – 100T
  • 235/60R18 – 107T
  • 235/65R18 – 106T
  • 245/60R18 – 105T
  • 255/55R18 – 105H
  • 255/70R18 – 112S


Are Vercelli Tires Good In Snow?
Yes, you can use this STRADA II tire in the snow without any problem because this tire is best to use in all weather conditions.

Who Makes Vercelli Tires?
Particularly Vercelli tires are high-performance tires made in Thailand, distributed by American Omni.

Where Are Vercelli Tires Developed?
The advanced automotive Vercelli tires are specially built to win the road. Exclusively the Vercelli tire comes from Thailand’s state-of-the-art factories.

What Is The Vercelli Strada Ii Mileage Warranty?
Actually, all-season tires deliver powerful performance in wet and dry weather conditions and suitable friction and grip in winter. Additionally, this tire has 45,000 miles tread life warranty.

Which Tire Brand Is Best?
There are many brands of tires, but different tires are fitted with other cars. The best tires brand includes Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, Bridgestone, etc.

Final Word

To conclude, this is the ultimate Vercelli STRADA II tire review. We hope you can get the helpful information that you want to know. After reading this review, we hope you can make the best decision before buying a tire for your car.

Most drivers like this tire because of its quiet and smooth ride. But most car owners loved these tires because the tires were wearing well. On the other hand, many satisfied users reviewed that this STRADA II was worth the money. But before you buy this tire, make sure you get the original product. We have linked all trusted sites where you can get the original tire.

Ultimately, this all-weather conditions tire comes with a better grip for excellent performance on a dry road. So, don’t think anymore and go for this great tire—best of luck.

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