What does 5/32 Tire Wear Mean? With Clear Explanation

When someone refers to “5/32 tire wear,” they are talking about the depth of the tire’s tread. Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch, so a tire with a tread depth of 5/32″ means that the depth of the tread pattern is 5/32 of an inch.

The tire’s tread is the part that makes contact with the road, and it is designed to provide traction and grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions. As the tread wears down, the tire’s ability to grip the road decreases, which can lead to reduced handling and braking performance, as well as an increased risk of hydroplaning on wet roads.

What does 532 Tire Wear Mean

In general, tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires when the tread depth reaches 2/32″, which is the legal minimum in many jurisdictions. So, a tire with 5/32″ of tread remaining is considered to have some life left in it, but it may be approaching the point where it needs to be replaced for safety reasons.

Is It Safe To Drive In These (5/32″ thread) Sorts Of Conditions?

Although those tires indicate unpredictable danger, it is generally safe for driving, especially on dry surfaces. Yet those tires have lost some of their compatibility to grip the road for heavy braking at higher speeds.

But those tires are safe to drive in town to go grocery shopping as well as to attend church prayer on Sunday. In this situation, you have nothing to worry about. Again, if you’re driving on wet or snowy roads, the expert will not recommend using this. However, they also advised a little more caution while driving, as those tires may take a little more distance to stop the vehicles. But the tires must have been replaced if it has grossed less than 4/32″ of tread remaining.

5/32 Tire Tread, How Many Miles Left?

At 5/32 inches tire tread, you should not have a ways to go, but most probably not any more than 5k-10k miles. It depends on the tread quality of the tire. Sometimes,s it means five thirty seconds of an inch of rubber remaining on the tires. Again, it is not good enough to run water or pass through during wet weather. Besides, those tread tires will most likely hydroplane when passing through water.

How Long Will 5/32″ Tire Tread Last In Summer?

No one will tell you how long it lasts in summer. But those tires are safe to drive during summer but not suitable for wet or cold weather. For example, if your tire has worn out 5/32 so far, it will be longing for about two seasons that are 2.5/32 per season.

You might have used one-third of this type of tread wear during the very hot spring season. But the rest of the day, those tires are not good for heavy-duty performance. So it will last about 70k-80k on average during rough weather. Or the average mileage may vary based on your vehicle model and maintenance.

What Is The Good Tire Tread Size & Measurement?

Below, we attach a chart in front of you to measure the right tread size and wear. That chart will help you verify your vehicle tread size too.

Tread SizeSize In m.m Comments 
9/32″ inches- 6/32″ inches6/32 +4.77 mm Safe, usable tread life to remain 
5/32″ inches-4/32″ inches4-5/32+3.2-4 mmCautionary 
3/32″ inches-1/32″ inches3/32+2-4 mm or lessBald tire, replace immediately 

How To Measure Tire Tread Gauges?

Once you know that if your tire has 5/32″ tire depth, it might be a wrong signal to you. Naturally, you want to measure the other tread size of your vehicle. Consequently, there are various ways to measure the tire tread gauge. Coin or penny test, quarter test, gauge, or tap is standard. We attached those methods in detail.

With Coins Or Penny,

You can measure the tire tread using a penny or coins. Put a coin or a penny over the tire’s tread groove. Check out if Lincoln’s head attached to the tire starts upside down or facing you. If you’re able to notice all the heads at a time, your tire tread depth is less than 2/32″ inches. So it’s time to replace the tire.

Implementing Tire Tread Wear Indicators

To measure the tread depth, you can also use the tire tread wear indicator. By adding the wear indicator at the tread’s groove. If you notice, the size is coming less than 2/32″ inches or lower. You might need to replace it as well.

Measuring With Gauge

The third option you may try is to measure the tread tire using a measuring gauge. The measuring gauge will generally measure up to 32nd of an inch and 25-28th in millimeters. Some gauges have a needle-like design with a portion of tread depth measure. It plays a vital role in metering the tread depth, as you need to measure different locations.

Final Word

So what does 5/32 tire wear mean? You need to take something seriously. 5/32-inch tire wear means you’re not eligible to drive on hard or cold, snowy roads. This tire wear also indicates that you need to plan your next budget to replace it. Remember that 6/32 inches or deeper tires are good tread wear for any vehicle.

On the other hand, you may still face trouble like loose traction on-road. Sometimes the vehicle may get wobbled while you’re driving on the highway. Besides, 5/32 inches is medium tire wear and may not suit high-end driving. But it’s not bad at all to run over the standard on-road actions.

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